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The Zionist State of Israel & Apartheid Regime Sacrificing Palestinians in Their Synagogue of Satan

SOTN Editor’s Note: The patently criminal case that the Zionist State of Israel has built against itself over the past 75 years is both irrefutable and overwhelming. In point of fact, the Zionist land thieves established an undeniable pattern of systematic land theft during each and every one of those years. Because that was the secret plan all along: OCCUPY & STEAL.

Which really means that each and every government holed up in Tel Aviv never floated or entertained a peace treaty with the Palestinians that wasn’t intentionally blown up—figuratively and literally.  That’s the Zionist MO from day 1 of their epic land grab and ethnic cleansing scheme.
Any objective examination of the various peace plans and their purposeful destruction by the Zionists warmongers clearly indicates we are dealing with a clique of criminally insane and psychopathic genocidal maniacs.  And, that Christian Zionists the world over, who both morally and materially support such a criminal neo-Nazi regime, is a testament to the extraordinarily successful mind-control program greatly advanced by the juvenile and absurd Scofield Bible.
Of course, the even bigger story here is that the Khazarian Cabal first painstakingly engineered World War I, the Great Depression and World War II in order to set the stage for the unlawful establishment of the Zionist State of Israel in 1948.  In other words, at the very least, 70 Million People Died So The Jews Could Have Palestine.  Now that’s a pretty big human sacrifice conducted so a bunch of Ashkenazi Jews (who have no ancestral relationship whatsoever with the biblical Hebrews) could set up a massive international crime syndicate known as Israel, yes?!
The stark reality here is that the Khazarians have actually carried out every single mass casualty event (read: ritual human sacrifice) in the world since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Not only is this what they have always done over millennia, it’s how they inexorably accumulate more and more power and wealth with which to take over the entire planetary civilization. See: An Abridged List of Fastidiously Planned Genocides Carried Out by the Khazarian Cabal

Talk about the Antichrist!

But what’s even more sinister about this whole multi-century conspiratorial plot is that so many God-fearing, bible-thumping Christians were morphed into fanatical Christian Zionists.  As for the Jewish Zionists in our midst, we get that.  But that American Christians would be coalesced into a massive and monolithic force advancing the agenda of — thee ANTICHRIST — is quite a feat of religious social engineering, yes?

Now, here comes along Reverend Doctor Chuck Baldwin who really knows his stuff, especially biblical stuff.  Chuck also knows the real history, both geopolitical and religious, both mundane and spiritual, in a way that few ministers in the USA do, quite unfortunately for so many profoundly deluded congregations.  Let’s defer to the good minister as he explains below the utterly ridiculous and cynical narrative concocted and perpetuated by the Zionist Movement worldwide … yesterday, today and in the future.
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