Family of Maine Shooting Suspect Says He Started To Hear “Horrible Things” After Being Fitted for “High-Powered Hearing-Aids”


by Anthony Scott, The Gateway Pundit:

The family of Robert Card, the man accused of shooting and killing 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, have shared several details with police about Robert’s “acute” mental health episodes the months leading up to the mass shooting.

In an exclusive report, NBC News reported Katie Card who is married to Robert’s brother, shared that Robert began to hear “horrible” voices talking about him just shortly after he was “fitted for high-powered hearing aids.”

Katie Card told NBC “He was picking up voices that he had never heard.


She continued “His mind was twisting them around. He was humiliated by the things that he thought were being said.”

As of 6 PM on Thursday night Card is still at large after gunning down and murdering over a dozen people in Maine.


Per NBC News:

The man suspected of fatally shooting more than a dozen people in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night is still at large, police said Thursday, as his family urged him to turn himself in.

Card, a firearms instructor and a longtime Army reservist, began to hear voices that were saying “horrible” things about him about a couple of months ago when he was fitted for high-powered hearing aids, according to Katie Card, who is married to his brother.

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