WORSE THAN CBDCs: Globalists publish plan for worldwide financial ENSLAVEMENT under “unified ledger”


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

If you thought Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) plans sounded dystopian, just wait to read the new “unified ledger” agenda released by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS, known as the “bank of central banks”).

The plan, found at this link on BIS.org, is entitled, “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new.” I provide a full analysis in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News video, below.

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This new plan describes an orwellian, globalist-run “unified ledger” that records the ownership of all assets (checking accounts, real estate, bonds, stocks, etc.) on a centralized exchange run by globalists. All assets will be “tokenized,” a process that the BIS describes as, “recording claims on financial or real assets that exist on a traditional ledger on a programmable platform.”

This unified ledger will feature “programmable” entries, meaning that your ownership of assets can be revoked or altered at any time, according to the social engineering desires of the globalists. If you speak out against child sex trafficking, for example, or child trans mutilations, all your assets can vanish from the unified ledger.

That’s how you will “own nothing,” in case you were curious.

This centralized, globalist-controlled unified ledger stands in sharp contrast to cryptocurrencies which are structured on decentralized, distributed ledgers with no centrally controlled authority. Additionally, most blockchains are non-programmable and also immutable, meaning no one can go back in time and retroactively change the ledger entries for Bitcoin, for example.

Thus, it’s now abundantly clear that the western finance globalists are at war with human freedom and decentralization, and that cryptocurrencies are on the side of human freedom, self-custody and self-determination.

Self-custody of crypto means globalists can’t take it away from you

What globalists want to achieve is a system of assets and finance where you never have custody of anything. When you deposit money into a bank, for example, you have no custody of that money. The bank does. And the bank can decide at any time to seize it, or freeze your account, or declare bankruptcy. A government or law enforcement agency may also order those assets seized, and the bank will readily comply.

When you hold cryptocurrency, gold or silver, on the other hand, you have custody and no one can take them from you except by force. Holding bitcoin in a crypto wallet, for example, gives you total control (and hence ownership) over those assets.

Even better, if you use a privacy coin like Monero, no one can even see how much you hold or how you spend it.

Learn about this critical concept of self-custody in a special podcast report I published over the weekend:




BIS wants to “harmonize” all central banks under centralized globalist control

Right from the summary of the BIS document linked above, we find out that the BIS sees its new “unified ledger” tracking all the assets issued by central banks. In other words, this is even larger than just CBDCs… it combines the assets of all central banks while also tokenizing and controlling real estate assets, stocks, bonds, pensions and anything else that can be represented through digital records:


“A new type of financial market infrastructure – a unified ledger – could capture the full benefits of tokenisation by combining central bank money, tokenised deposits and tokenised assets on a programmable platform.”

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