The most damaging paper of the pandemic has just been published in The Lancet


by Alex Berenson, Unreported Truths:

I was right. The COVID vaccines have killed massive numbers of people and the government covered it up. The paper, published as a pre-print, shows 74% of deaths post-vax due to the vax.

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This is a pre-print so not yet peer-reviewed.

I’m sure they will try to get this paper killed. It is amazing that The Lancet is a teller of truth in this case.

The paper shows 74% of deaths post-vax could be attributed to the vaccine being a cause of death.

The results are strongly consistent with the Schwab paper where 71% of the deaths appeared to be consistent with a vaccine death:

They basically were looking for the “cleanest” proof of death, but it’s likely that all 71% of the cases (25 out of 35) died from the vaccine, it’s just harder to “prove” that.

The question we all should be asking is why are we first hearing about this now? How could all of the CDC’s analyses show no relation to the vaccine? And why aren’t we allowed to see them?

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