Ants at the Picnic, Part Two


by Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic:

Part One

What scares the powerful are those willing to die in defense of principle. Our rulers are cowards, and they can’t begin to understand devotion to any principle beyond self-aggrandizement, if that can be called a principle. The very existence of such devotion is a moral rebuke. It fills the powerful with one of humanity’s most loathsome emotions: the hatred of the virtuous for their virtue.


Guns are the endpoint in a chain of practical precepts straight from the American Revolution. The biggest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is government, whose force can only be met with counter-force. The powerful have no respect for your rights, but they do for your firearms—you might fight back. Those firearms are the last bulwark against the planet’s most dangerous institutions and psychopaths. If you let them take your guns, it will allow them to take everything else. Both sides know it. Only one will acknowledge it.

The Corruptocracy’s credibility is gone and its narrative has crumbled. People so smitten with themselves and so enamored with their own propaganda never realize the danger posed by those who are neither smitten nor enamored. They are trying to sell a top-down remaking of the entire world, not by selling a purported better life for the masses, but a worse one. It’s overweening, historically unprecedented hubris: hand us total control and we’ll make you miserable. They gave us a preview of coming attractions with Covid totalitarianism, now reprised as Climate Change totalitarianism.

Just slap on a little propaganda and people will be lining up to eat bugs, live in 15-minute urban hellholes, be surveilled 24/7, receive the pharmaceutical overlords’ flavor-of-the-month, embrace serfdom, own nothing, be happy, and obey. We don’t even have the alternative media to thank for revealing this dystopia. The corruptocrats, in their cocksure delusion, have revealed it themselves.

If you’re peddling less than nothing for the future, don’t be too surprised if some of the benighted “beneficiaries” reach for the firearms before it arrives. The corruptocrats know that any straightforward attempt to confiscate guns will be violently resisted, and such resistance will feed on itself. It could be the beginning of a guerrilla war, and governments, particularly the U.S. government, have not fared well in guerrilla wars the last sixty years or so. To forestall a guerrilla war, the totalitarians will try confiscation via a workaround.

The plan is universal identification linked to health records, social credit scoring, and central bank digital currencies. Once these are instituted they’ll have us by the short hairs. They’ll have a digital record of our purchases and receipts, which would include buying and selling firearms. Even for people who have owned their guns for many years, they’d have artificial intelligence (AI) checking for correlations. You refused to vaccinate, you donated to the NRA, you’ve bought physical gold or silver, and you’re a registered Republican? You probably own a gun. With AI the ability to cross-check correlations is virtually limitless.

Because they’ll have full control of the digital currency, they won’t need to confiscate your gun. They’ll simply make it impossible to transact business—to buy anything or to collect your paycheck (if they haven’t cut you out of the job market)—until you surrender the weapons that gun registration or their AI system says you have.

Those who would fight the impending totalitarianism can’t wait until the knock on their door from the stooge sent to collect their firearms. Guerrilla war has to commence well before we’re herded into the Panopticon. If it does, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the guerrillas.

This, you see, is the main contradiction behind all the Globalist’s twisted ambitions to control everything, including you. They are working against the current tide of human history which is pushing everything toward down-scaling, re-localization, and re-assertion of the sovereign individual person.

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