Tolerance Is Overrated: It’s Time To Start Gatekeeping American Society Again


by Brandon Smith, Alt Market:

Whenever we have to address the issue of “progressive” ideology in America today, the debate inevitably finds its way around to the grand idealism of “acceptance” and “tolerance.” The assertion by leftists is that they are on the side of “freedom” and human rights, and that by confronting or separating ourselves from certain behaviors we are revealing out bigotry and discrimination. In other words, leftists assert that all personal beliefs and behaviors must be embraced by the populace in order for society to become pure.


Except, this is not what they really believe. Leftists argue for tolerance of aberrant behaviors while admonishing normal human tribal and biological reactions. They have a vision for the world, and certain beliefs are not accepted within that Utopian fantasy.

The basis of the leftist religion is not a deity, it is self perception. They worship themselves and think the collective is valuable so long as it reaffirms their identity. Anything that might restrict their pursuit of self aggrandizement is considered oppressive. This is why they often argue in favor of moral relativism. They have a delusion in their mind of what they are; they see themselves as a fantastic gift to the world. But, if people are allowed to judge them on their moral failings then they will always be reminded that they are not all that impressive. So, they seek to control the views and speech of others.

While they speak constantly of acceptance, they rely on zealotry to achieve their objectives. They are highly intolerant of people who do not want to participate in their movement or their activism. In fact, one of the most used protest slogans of the political left is “silence is violence.” By refusing to support them, or by keeping to yourself, you automatically become their enemy even if you don’t directly oppose them.

At bottom what leftists really promote is a series of double standards while using accusations of bigotry as a weapon to silence their critics. They have taken control of the narrative because many Americans are afraid to say the truth out loud. The truth is, tolerance is overrated and destructive. Gatekeeping and discrimination, to a certain degree, are absolutely essential to the survival of humanity.

That is to say, intolerance of certain people, beliefs, actions and ideologies is a good thing. We need to bring back rational intolerance.

There are people within the liberty movement and conservative circles that hold more libertarian views on this issue and some of them might suggest that my position runs contrary to the concept of the non-aggression principle. They might say that as long as people are not harming us directly then we should stay out of their way. I say there is a fine line between tolerance and submissive pacifism.

Obviously the globalist establishment and their puppets within the political left are relying on provocateur tactics to a certain degree. One might suggest that they WANT us to lash out violently so they can demonize us further, or they want us to embrace government power more fully so they can paint us as authoritarian. This is a simplistic grade-school view of provocateur methods, though. In reality, the goal of provocateurs is not to get us to react, their goal is to frighten us into DOING NOTHING.

Look at the circus surrounding January 6th, for example. The establishment turned a protest of unarmed people who walked into a building and then left of their own accord into an “insurrection.” Did some people get violent? Of course, though not a single person died because of the actions of protesters. Was there property damage? Nothing compared to the billions in damages caused by the BLM and Antifa riots. But conservative protesters are being labeled enemies of the state and are being locked up right now while BLM is labeled “mostly peaceful.”

The double standard is clear, but the reason for it is often misunderstood. They do not want liberty movement organization. They do not want planned actions. They do not want open marches by conservatives. They do not want the world to see our numbers. They wants us silent and complacent and uninvolved. Provoking a reaction is not the end game. The double standard is not the end game. The end game is for conservatives to give up because they fear the double standard.

Every strategy of the left circles back around to pacification of the population, whether they are accusing us of racism or transphobia or fascism or insurrection. None of this matters. The moment we abandon the fallacies of tolerance and block destructive efforts is the moment we become truly free and effective. There are certain situations in which the non-aggression principle does not apply.

Currently, the US is experiencing full blown 4th Generation warfare. In the span of less than a decade we have seen the imposition of Critical Race Theory, trans ideology, Marxism and a spectrum of progressive concepts invade public schools. American children are being indoctrinated into the leftist fold in a dizzying propaganda blitzkrieg.

Now, the libertarian mindset would suggest that we simply pull our kids out of public schools and remove our participation. That might work for some people, but the vast majority of parents are going to continue placing their kids in schools because they feel they have no other choice. We don’t have the time needed to create new educational systems and alternatives. School vouchers are a start, but even then it would take well over a decade for parents to adjust. The only answer is to shut down the indoctrination, by force if necessary.

Leftist teachers that promote their ideology in class need to be removed from publicly funded schools. CRT, gender fluid propaganda, and one sided socialist concepts will have to be banned from these institutions. Drag shows for kids need to be punished. Gender affirmation surgeries and chemical therapies for children need to be abolished. The invasion of woke disinformation into our media needs to be confronted and companies that promote it should be buried through boycotts.

Tolerance is killing us. Intolerance is the answer. While certain ideological movements might not target you personally, they will eventually destroy everything you love through attrition. And it’s never going to stop, because moral relativism is always finding new ground to desecrate.

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