The Trump Town Hall Unhinged the Left, But I Agree With AOC


by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

Everyone is talking about the success of Trump’s Town Hall yesterday on CNN. J.D. Rucker at The Liberty Daily published a piece this morning, “CNN Shut Down the Town Hall Early…Mercy Rule?” that I enjoyed. The Town Hall was slated for a 90-minute broadcast, and it’s being reported that they expected it to run as long as 75 minutes. However, it was stopped at less than 70 minutes. Matt Gaetz responded by calling it a “Mercy Rule” and asked if CNN had to shut it down early due to how well Trump was doing. J.D. Rucker points out that the broadcast was most likely getting more views than all their shows combined, which I don’t doubt for a bit.


Trump came out and did what he does best. His unapologetic response to the questions given was spot on. The best part of Trump appearing on major fake news networks is watching the left’s response. They scream to censor him, lock him up, and throw “off with his head” temper tantrums every time, all of which make me smile.

Our favorite lunatic, AOC, had an interesting response and blamed CNN, claiming they lost control and allowed Trump to manipulate their platform to spread disinformation. According to the left, every time Trump speaks, it’s dangerous disinformation. The typical socialist reaction is to call for censorship; if you don’t stick to their script, the 1st Amendment apparently doesn’t apply to you.

However, I agree with AOC that the audience was cheering him on and laughing at the host; Trump mopped the floor with the moderator despite CNN’s best efforts. The image of AOC begging to make it stop and just knowing that every one of these socialist nutbags was calling CNN and screaming, “Shut it down, retreat!” makes me happy.

Trump’s response to everything was great. On the subject of Ukraine, he said he wants the dying to stop, on all sides, and I agree. There’s no strategic value or reason for us to be involved in Ukraine, and no one wants to see war; no one wants to see people being murdered or maimed. If they want to be free and fight to get the corruption out of their country, they have the right to do that. I understand we are fighting corruption here as well; I can’t worry about the corruption in Ukraine when I can’t get the corruption out of the White House. We don’t want to see people murdered and abused, but beyond that, how you run your country is not our problem or our business.

When asked about rising gas prices, Trump said, “Drill baby drill,” I couldn’t agree more; just three simple words that solve the gas problem instantly. Beyond the need to be energy independent, what people need to understand is they’ve been lied to regarding gas use being bad for the environment. It is baffling that no one is talking about how all electric batteries are full of toxic chemicals that will end up contaminating our groundwater and will cause a far greater ecological crisis than we could ever have with carbon dioxide. We have a natural way to clean carbon dioxide from the air; we can’t do anything about chemicals in our groundwater. The bottom line is we have more oil than any place on the planet, and Biden won’t let us use it; it’s insane.

Possibly my favorite of his responses came regarding the 2020 election. When asked about it, he said, “Unless you are a very stupid person, you can see it was stolen.” Unfortunately, it’s CNN, so there are plenty of stupid people. I’ve done more than enough homework on the 2020 election to comment on this, but not enough to file a lawsuit. At this time, there’s no value in me developing a lawsuit on this; the courts have made their decisions. Unless we have something massive to bring, and even then, I don’t think they are going to do anything about this. As a commentator, I will say that, of course, it was stolen. What we have going on in Arizona with Kari Lake’s case is important; all of the evidence in Lake’s case looks to have happened in 2020, which is huge as we fight election fraud moving forward. The question is, are we going to demand a change in 2024? I hope we take a stand.

The debt ceiling is another issue with a simple solution. Trump said if they don’t get the cuts they want, let it expire. Our federal government is a disaster; the less they can do, the better. I don’t want the feds to be funded; why should I? They are using trillions of dollars to teach transgender garbage in schools and hire thousands of IRS agents; I don’t want any of that. Biden calling out the 14th Amendment is just legally incorrect and absolute nonsense—the Harvard professor who said that originally is a moron. The law does not apply the way he’s suggesting it does; there’s no legal right for the President to blow through the debt ceiling. All funding, all money, and all expenses have to go through the House of Representatives, as it’s stated clearly in our constitution.

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