The Biden Crime Family Will Undermine Joe’s 2024 Election Campaign


by George McClellan, America Outloud:

Wow, Joe Biden just announced his intent to re-up for another four years. In his lackluster three-minute video, I must say that I’ve seen healthier faces lying in a coffin. I suspect it took two or three weeks to complete that three-minute gem. But why now?

I suspect that the heat is being turned up, especially when a top-ranked IRS investigative supervisor has had enough of delay, lying, and coverup on Hunter Biden to come forward with his evidence sure to convict the Biden Crime Family of multiple RICO violations. With that said, I remind readers that the government of Joe Biden is a contemptible affront to all Americans, especially those who started life in the 30s and 40s and experienced the loss of fathers, sons, brothers, and uncles to a fascist enemy we didn’t understand but feared because of their lack of respect for human life, their willingness to enslave their enemies and their propensity to destroy everything they touched.


Today is the perfect day to initiate impeachment proceedings on Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Antony Blinken and start the reversal ball rolling. Let Democrats feel the expense of defending themselves, this time not from spurious charges but from facts.

By their policies and actions today, it becomes apparent that Joe Biden’s government is realizing a reprisal of the fascism of Nazi Germany, short of the gas chambers we defeated so many decades ago. Democrats focus our attention on the very domestic issues politicians created so they can stay in power to solve them. Germany in the 30s had a charismatic leader in Adolf Hitler.

Today, we have a feckless Joe Biden with the charisma of a dead cockroach. Should we be afraid? Yes, we should. Have we learned nothing? We can see the dangers arriving that are so dangerous to our survival as a Republic.

Joe’s open borders with millions of disease-laden migrants invited in, the open graft Joe receives from Ukrainian and Chinese oligarchs. Joe letting Chinese spies unfettered access to America’s military and commercial secrets. Joe’s embrace of the sexual perversion being foisted on America’s little school children. Joe’s contempt for the Rule of Law. Joe’s squandering of taxpayer money on Green schemes that benefit Chinese manufacturers. Joe’s race-baiting and Joe’s unconstitutional affirmative action schemes disguised as CRT and Equity, diversity, and inclusiveness to transform America’s culture to socialism by fiat. Joe Biden might be near brain dead, but he is still the face of America’s enemy, the Marxist Democrat party, and we should not be kind to him.

Today’s lot, and let’s agree, Biden is a Chinese stooge bought and paid for, and his Democrat handlers act like full-blown Marxists. While their policies are inimical to the good order and discipline of a Constitutional loving America, they aim to culturally change America before we notice. Our problem is we’re not paying attention. To sustain their control, they have become accomplished liars, except for Joe, who, while babbling to his admirers, doesn’t realize his stories have long since been proven false. While he may be facing dementia, Joe is still an unrepentant liar, and his government has to be destroyed sooner better than later.

For Joe Biden to consider a second term is so soberingly frightful that we all know if he should succeed America as a Representative Constitutional Republic, is finished if we’re not, in fact, involved in a full-blown political war with real shooting.

Democrats surround us with potential dangers so frightful they convinced us they must take immediate action to save us. Climate Change, once global cooling, then global warming, is the current boogieman to frighten our imagination. However, before they can save us, we must pony up a few extra dollars so they can afford to lift the oppressive yoke of fear from our shoulders.

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