Go to a school board meeting? FBI might have your license plate number


from WND:

Agents ordered to document legal attendance at public meetings

It’s already well-established that the FBI targeted parents attending school board meetings in recent years.

They were attending meetings often to protest the extremist ideologies being adopted, those promoting the LGBT lifestyle choices, promoting communism through various racist ideologies and more.

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Now a report confirms that FBI agents were tasked with writing down license plate numbers of those attending, in order to spy on them and document their actions.

It is a report at Trending Politics News that revealed FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend told members of the House Judiciary Select Committee on the weaponization of the federal government that he was among the agents being given those orders.

He ended up being suspended for declining to be part of a SWAT raid on a January 6 suspect facing misdemeanor charges.

He told supervisors, “I have a moral objection and want to be considered a conscientious objector.”

He responded to questioning from Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., at the hearing that the FBI had a “terrorism symbol guide,” that warned about elements like voicing support for the 2nd Amendment or having a Betsy Ross flag.

Then arose the subject of school board meetings and parents.

“Friend told the panel that the FBI directed him to record license plate numbers from vehicles belonging to parents opposed to leftist agendas at school board meetings. The suspended agent was one of those parents himself, having attended a number of local school board meetings to voice curriculum concerns,” the report said.

He further testified he was ordered off cases involving child predators to target parents at school board meetings.

In fact, Joe Biden’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, ordered the DOJ and FBI to target parents who objected to offensive, and racist, ideologies like Critical Race Theory.

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