Climate Emergency Fund is an eco-money laundering scheme


by Ethan Huff, DC Clothesline:

A prominent climate change fanaticism group has been taking in and disbursing millions upon millions of dollars in what appears to be a massive eco-money laundering scheme.

The non-profit Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) admits its mission is to “raise funds for and make grants to the disruptive nonviolent climate movement.” It did a whole lot more than that, though, having given away $5.1 million to 44 “ultra-ambitious” climate extremist groups in 2022 alone.


When we say “ultra-ambitious,” what we mean are groups in the business of illegal vandalism. While technically non-violent just so long as no actual people are harmed, such illegal vandalism is still a form of violence against society – and truth be told, people have died as victims of climate-related terrorism.

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