Biden’s ‘Gender-Fluid’ Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief Arrested for ANOTHER Theft of Women’s Luggage


by Robert Spencer, PJ Media:

When Sam Brinton, who not too long ago was one of the Biden regime’s star “non-binary” appointees as the Energy Department’s deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, appeared in court in April on a felony theft charge for stealing a woman’s luggage, he got a small fine and a suspended sentence.

It looked as if America’s two-tier justice system was operating again, and Brinton, as a key element of the Left’s initiative to force us to accept transgender madness, would not suffer anything like the legal penalties he would have gotten if he had not been a Leftist. But then on Wednesday, surprise of surprises, he was arrested as a “fugitive from justice” for another alleged luggage theft. Did the authorities somehow get the idea that Brinton was a conservative?


The Daily Wire reported Thursday that one of Brinton’s neighbors saw the whole thing go down: “Four unmarked police showed up last night, they would not let his spouse Kevin leave. After about an hour Sam Brinton was escorted out in handcuffs.” Given Brinton’s outlandish proclivities, he might have found that thrilling, but never mind.

Could it be that a Biden regime official, and a “gender-fluid” one at that, complete with insane pronouns (Brinton thinks he is plural and wants to be referred to as “they”), could actually be held accountable for his actions? It’s too early to tell for sure, but the fact that he was arrested and handcuffed at all, instead of having the charges dismissed with a slap on the wrist in light of Brinton’s Leftism, is a positive sign.

Rob Yingling of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) stated that airport police “executed a search warrant May 17 in Montgomery County, Maryland, in connection with allegations of stolen property in luggage from Reagan National Airport that was brought to the department’s attention in February 2023. With the assistance of Montgomery County Police, Samuel Otis Brinton, age 35, of Rockville, Maryland, was taken into custody Wednesday pending charges of Grand Larceny.” This is apparently a new charge. Brinton was previously charged with stealing luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Apparently this odd little pastime of his is habit-forming.

Sheira Goff, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County police, said: “The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police are lead on this. Brinton was arrested at approximately 10 p.m. last night in their home.” Goff, of course, did not mean in the home Brinton shares with his roomie. In referring to “their home,” she was pandering to Brinton’s gender fantasies. So did the court, which listed his gender as “X.”

The Daily Wire adds that “on Thursday afternoon, Brinton appeared before a judge via closed-circuit television from the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit, where Judge Victor Del Pino declined to release him and ordered him extradited to Virginia.” Oddly enough, Brinton had no lawyer present, and Daily Wire was the only media outlet attending his hearing. He was wearing, the Wire notes, “a blue jail jumpsuit and a mask,” which must have been quite a comedown for someone who has won renown for his stylish flair.

And a mask? In May 2023? Really, Sam, is there any aspect of reality to which you are disposed to conform? Or are you at all-out war with every last shred of rationality and ordinary perception?

Despite the fact that Brinton is far too wealthy to be assigned a public defender, one spoke for him anyway, saying: “Mr. Brinton is a nuclear engineer, he is married. He works for GeoFission, a nuclear startup. He believes if he is released to turn himself in [to Virginia], he can keep his job… I believe the allegation is stolen luggage.”

Unexpectedly again, Judge Del Pino replied: “I will deny the request to turn himself in. Virginia will pick him up. Good luck in Virginia, Mr. Brinton.” Why Brinton is suddenly actually facing justice is unclear. Perhaps his ever-lengthening record of luggage thefts has made it impossible for authorities to continue to cover for him. In any case, he has now given us yet another illustration of the dangers of hiring on the basis of identity politics.

And so the question must be asked again: is the Biden regime’s ongoing love affair with sexual deviance bringing people into government who are unfit to serve and are active risks? Why, of course. Has Brinton’s spectacular downfall changed this? Not at all.

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