A Look at My Job & the Corruption of Our Justice System


by Tom Renz, Esq., America Outloud:

A lot of people ask me what I do and how I fight. It is not a simple or short answer.

I am an attorney; I go to court, write contracts, research and develop lawsuits, etc. I am a political commentator; I do the Tom Renz Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio, heard on the IHeart Radio Network, the Lawfare Show on Brighteon, and interviewed in many places regarding the knowledge I’ve acquired as an attorney and activist. I am a political activist; I educate lawmakers, work with the grassroots, and leverage my understanding of the laws and issues to advocate for freedom. And I am a businessman; I work to ensure I can fund lawsuits and activist work through any mechanism I can find, providing it can be done with honesty and integrity.

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Each of these positions is quite different, but all stem from a common core of knowledge I possess on the law. I can educate, advocate, and fight for freedom because of that core of knowledge, but while the common core of knowledge is used in each trade I participate in, the fields are completely distinct. The means by which I communicate in each of my jobs are completely different, and the respect and dignity I show in a court are wildly different than the activist language I use when fighting to see legislation passed in the media.

Understanding these differences is critical because the distinct fields I work in add up to lawfare. Lawfare, as I define it, is the fight for change and, as I see it, requires that we redefine what it means to be an attorney. An attorney has or should have, knowledge of the legal/political processes as well as being an expert communicator. Good attorneys have to learn complex fact patterns from various specialty fields and translate them into messaging that is understandable for a court or jury. I believe those same professionals, should they choose to put in the effort, can also use their skills and knowledge to do more.

In my case, the defining moment in my current career came with the COVID lockdowns. I felt they were illegal and had individuals approach me about fighting them. When these potential clients came to me, they asked me about becoming free first and THEN about filing a lawsuit. Their primary goal was freedom, and given the state of the law, I felt that freedom would require more than a traditional lawyer could provide. I recognized that political change would be important and also that the public needed educating to facilitate that change. With all that in mind, I began working in each of these separate fields. This became what I now call lawfare, but it is really several distinct jobs all working in cohesion to facilitate the goals of my clients – in this case, freedom.

God has provided me with the insight to get this done. We have been very effective at raising awareness, pushing legislation, and even (at times) in the courts. The formula is working and will continue to work better as we continue to grow. The more people we educate to the truth, the more support we will receive and the more lawyers we can fund. Those lawyers will fight in the courts, and some may choose to learn how to do lawfare.

The left has been doing this for a long time. They are ahead of us. When COVID hit, they attacked legally, politically, and with a major public misinformation campaign. We fought back but did so with truth. The truth is now coming out, and I look forward to continuing to represent my clients and educate the public in whatever role I am in.

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