Kidnapper Released on $2 Bail Recommits Crime


from Moonbattery:

Remember when kidnapping was taken so seriously that you could actually be executed for it? It is a conventional offense rather than a thoughtcrime, so the liberals in charge nowadays regard it as no biggie.

From Texas:

A Katy man who was released from jail on two $1 bonds on charges of kidnapping and choking a woman he was dating was back in court Thursday on a new charge.

According to court documents, Aubrey Andre Taylor, 42, was arrested within days of his release last week after he threatened the same victim. …

Magistrate Courtney St. Julian … rejected the prosecutor’s request for no bond because Taylor is “a lifelong resident” and “is indigent” so she didn’t see him as a flight risk.

Plus Taylor looks like such upstanding citizen:


Overlooked by the judge:

Taylor has a long rap sheet that includes two robbery convictions, a burglary conviction, theft and drug charges dating back to 2003.

You can probably imagine how sternly St. Julian prosecutes theft. A few years ago, Houston police were called to a theft in progress at a CVS store:

According to prosecutors, offices found Christopher Obryant walking down a nearby street and told him to stop. Obryant allegedly dropped what he had in his hands and said “f*** no, I’m not going back to jail” before officers managed to arrest him. They took him back to the CVS where store security video showed him shoplifting. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted charges of theft, second offense.

But at a hearing hours later, Magistrate Courtney St. Julian rejected the case.

“He had $12 worth of food and held at gunpoint. I’m feeling the Thanksgiving spirit, so I’m going to find no probable cause for Mr. Obryant’s arrest,” St. Julian said. “Happy holidays.”

Six weeks later, Obryant was arrested for theft again.

St. Julian being a Woman of Color, she shares Ketanji Brown Jackson’s primary qualifications to serve on the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, areas under total Democrat domination like Illinois have been trying to do away with bail and Second Amendment rights, so that we cannot defend ourselves from the criminals they refuse to keep locked up.

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