German Foreign Minister: We Are at War with Russia


by Kurt Nimmo, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics:

Go figure. Why did German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announce in English that Germany is now at war with Russia?

Is this how the Bundestag operates? How is it that ministers can declare war without the informed consent of the German people? Is English now the preferred language of the German government?


Or does Baerbock intend her message for a larger audience than Germany’s bureaucrats? Imagine a USG political careerist standing on the floor of the Senate or House speaking to his colleagues in German or Khoe–Kwadi.

“If we add this to Merkel’s revelations that they were strengthening Ukraine and did not count on the Minsk agreements, then we are talking about a war against Russia that was planned in advance. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you,” responded Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The German people really need to get rid of these neocon-ish politicians, same as America needs to not only divest the government of these psychopaths but round them up and put them on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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