Thursday, June 13, 2024



    by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    Sometimes I think I’ve been in some sort of sleep spell, or am in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone or something. You all might think I’m joking, but I swear the following is absolutely true: I  went to sleep one night, and woke up and discovered Joe Bidenenko had allegedly been elected President of the USSA by an underwhelming minority of people, and had an inauguration that was attended by tens of people behind barbed wire fences in a vacant lot somewhere that looked vaguely like Swampington DC. I kid you not. And last Monday I actually did a blog about a crazy plot of some scientismists at Yale University (world-infamous for its Skull and Bones Society that John Kerry and George Bush “the Stupid” can’t talk about and moreover don’t want to talk about because the very notion of secret societies wielding any sort of real power in the modern world is, well, it’s just Greta Thunberg stupid)… well anyway, these scientismists actually wanted to spray millions of tons of aerosolized sulphur dioxide all over Poland using airborne refueling tankers in order to allow the Poles (the geodetic ones, I mean) to refreeze.

    Anti-Russia? Try this on for size


      by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

      The prodigious author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), wrote about hidden men behind momentous events.

      In 1999, Kris Millegan, researcher and head of TrineDay publishers, wrote:

      “Antony C. Sutton, 74, has been persecuted but never prosecuted for his research and subsequent publishing of his findings. His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state’s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet’s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.”

      Russian Nukes Can Be Used To Defend Annexed Ukraine Regions, Kremlin Warns


        from ZeroHedge:

        Once again Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has served the role of issuing more severe ‘read between the lines’ warnings and threats fresh off President Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday speech announcing partial mobilization of national forces and which confirmed referendums of occupied portions of Ukraine to join the Russian Federation.

        Putin’s most alarming line came when he said, “If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people,” following with “It’s not a bluff.” He had also stressed Moscow is ready to use “all available” means to protect its “territorial integrity”.

        Fed Rate Hikes Will Add Trillions to National Debt


          by Peter Schiff, Schiff Gold:

          Federal Reserve rate hikes will add trillions to the national debt, according to an analysis by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

          The Fed is expected to deliver another 75-basis point rate hike during its September FOMC meeting. Some speculate the central bank could even raise rates a full 1 percent to fight persistently high inflation. According to the Committee for a Responsible Budget (CFRB), rate hikes will add another $2.1 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.

          Whistleblower Identified: FBI Special Agent Steve Friend Goes Public – Exposed Disgusting FBI Lies and Unprecedented Attacks on Conservative Americans — JAIL CHRIS WRAY! (VIDEO)


            by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

            New York Post reporter and author Miranda Devine joined Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night to discuss the latest FBI whistleblower.

            In July FBI whistleblowers revealed to Congressional Republicans that FBI leadership is ‘pressuring’ agents to artificially pad domestic terrorism data.

            According to the FBI agents the Bureau is weaving a narrative that helps the Biden Regime while painting Trump supporters as terrorists.

            Russia mobilizes 300,000, promises defensive use of nuclear weapons while psychopathic western leaders beg for annihilation


              by Mike Adams, Natural News:

              Russia’s recent “partial mobilization” will call up 300,000 military reservists who, over the next few months, will be trained and put into service in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. It is now well known — although western nations continue to deny the obvious — that Ukraine’s military offensives are being run by NATO troops, using NATO satellites, training and gear. In essence, Russia is already fighting NATO in a continental war, and Russia realizes that western nations will not be satisfied with anything less than the complete obliteration of Russia as a sovereign nation.

              UN Warns Of A “Winter of Discontent” As The “World Is In Peril”


                by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

                United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres gave a grim assessment of global developments on Tuesday, September 20th. Guterres said that we are looking at a fairly gloomy and dark upcoming “winter of global discontent” from rising prices, a warming planet, and deadly conflicts.

                “Our world is in peril,” Guterres told the opening of the United Nation’s 193-member annual assembly in New York. “A winter of global discontent is on the horizon,” Guterres said according to a report by Euractiv.

                The Russians Truly Believe That This Conflict Is An Existential Fight For Survival, And That Makes Nuclear War So Much More Likely


                  by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

                  If heavily armed intruders were trying to break through the door of your home, would you shoot them if they actually succeeded in getting inside? Most westerners do not realize this, but that is actually how the Russians view the conflict in Ukraine. They are entirely convinced that this is a life or death struggle with NATO, and almost nightly there is discussion about the possibility of nuclear war on television. The Russians are deeply scared, and they truly believe that the future of their nation hangs in the balance. In an existential fight for national survival, there are no limits. The Russians will do whatever is necessary to ensure the survival of Russia, even if that means causing a global cataclysm.

                  The Pandemic Is “Over,” But the Feds Aren’t Giving Up their Emergency Powers


                    by Ryan McMaken, Mises Institute:

                    On 60 Minutes last Sunday, President Biden declared “the pandemic is over,” but quickly added “we still have a problem with COVID, we’re still doing a lot of work on it.”

                    Biden then reiterated: “But the pandemic is over” and his evidence was the fact “no one’s wearing masks. Everyone seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing, and I think this is a perfect example of it.”

                    Biden’s prevaricating position that “it’s over” but “we still have a problem” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the regime when it comes to covid.  After all, the Biden administration still enthusiastically supports the Pentagon’s vaccine mandates and in the federal courts the administration continues to push for a variety of federal mandates including air-travel mask mandates and various federal education programs such as Head Start. The feds still want forced vaccines for federal contractors. Travel to the United States still requires proof of vaccination. The federal government is even expected to announce “at least one additional extension to the current emergency.”

                    The Height of Idiocy


                      by Doug Casey, International Man:

                      I’m not a fortune teller. In fact, the only things anybody knows about predicting – even if you gussy the concept up by calling it “forecasting” – are 1.) Predict often and 2.) Never give both the time and the event.

                      The worst offenders are those who pretend they know where the economy’s headed.

                      Statistics – so often the basis of conjecture with regard to the economy – are so subject to interpretation, and so easy to take out of context, that most of the time they’re best used as fodder for cocktail party conversations.

                      Two Easy Predictions: Wealth Tax and Windfall Tax


                        by Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds:

                        Looks like we need another $500 billion or so. Hum baby!

                        Predictions are hard, especially about the future, but two predictions are easy: 1) governments that do not yet impose wealth taxes will do so within the next five years and 2) governments will impose windfall taxes on all outsized unearned gains, from any source, anywhere on the planet.