Friday, February 15, 2019

Breaking Microchip and the Deep State! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

from Neon Revolt:

Guys, are you ready for this week?

This is the point of no-return. In screenwriting, you’ll sometimes hear these moments calls act breaks. It’s when a choice or a decision is made that is irreversible; it pushes the action along into the next act, and everyone changes forever as a result. History has quite a few of these, and believe me when I say history is about to be made again.

Anons Were Right,16 Year Plan Stopped, Full Control, PANIC

from X22Report:

Furious Q! #QAnon’s Communication Gap. #NewQ #GreatAwakening

from Neon Revolt:

Q is mad today. And I’m mad at Q, in return.

But more on that later.

Here’s the start of today’s drops:

REALIST NEWS – More Q Updates – It is getting exciting – Popcorn is on standby

from jsnip4:

The #ComplotAccompli! Be Strong! We Will WIN! #NewQ

from Neon Revolt:

Since I posted a direct link to my Gab profile here on the page, over 800 of you have followed me on the site.

And what a day to start following, eh?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Because I definitely did.

Wake UP! We are at War! Q Anon decode JFK quote

from Amazing Polly:

Q: NinjaWarrior Anon ( @Disciple_4G ) and @GrandTorino

from Grand Torino:

Trust me your not going too want to miss this on all things Q.  Gift : Paypal:

Q – We Are The Plan

from Storm Is Upon Us:

Ed. Note: Watch this one too: Q – Killing The Mockingbird

This is not fantasy. They just made us think it is. ALERT! Everything is a lie. We were about to go down the toilet and then were miraculously saved – all while we were focused on everything but what is the most transformative event in living history.

Qanon November 30 – A Picture is Worth Many Sentences

from prayingmedic:


from SGTreport:
Skippy Podesta is back and Q asks, Coincidence? PANIC? Define ‘Projection’. Define ‘Getting Ahead of the Story’. THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS. NO ESCAPE. NO DEALS. ADD BRENNAN TO GRAPHIC AND UPDATE. EVIL HAS NO PLACE HERE.

The Return of #VIPAnon, and #Q+ Confirmation! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

from Neon Revolt:

Just a quick (but very important!) one here, guys. Remember VIPAnon? Remember VIPAnon’s post on the boards? And remember what Q said? The picture will be the signifier. The signifier will ‘force; the Q.

Well… VIPAnon just came back, and posted his official photo with President Trump: And notice the (((+))) on the back of …