Friday, May 27, 2022

Black rain falls on Japan, believed to be fallout from the mass cremation of coronavirus victims in Wuhan

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

A serious weather event that struck Japan recently generated a mysterious black rain that some believe could be toxic fallout from the cremation of the bodies of Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) victims in mainland China.

In the days following what media reports are now describing as one of the fiercest lightning storms on record in Tokyo, social media users questioned why the corresponding rain was black, and in some cases oozing.

“FEAR MONGERING”: A SGT Special Report

from SGTreport:

Putting your head in the sand will not protect you from the reality of what is happening right now. There is an orchestrated effort to prevent panic by downplaying the severity of what is transpiring at this very moment. These are the FACTS:

Market Report: Coronavirus spreads outside China

by Alasdair Macleod, GoldMoney:

This was the week when investors began to take the coronavirus seriously as it began to spread across America. Europe had already panicked over Italy, where there are now about 4,000 cases reported and 148 deaths. America has a problem in that it lacks a free to use public healthcare system and is unprepared for a pandemic.

As can be seen in our headline chart, gold rose strongly after Friday’s sell off, gaining $92 this week to trade at $1677 in early European trade this morning. Silver gained 70 cents to $17.34.

Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey

by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

We all understand that governments can invent money out of thin air. However, inventing a reason out of thin air to invent the money sometimes takes a little more ingenuity.

Enter THE VIRUS. The medical version of Satan.

To new readers: to fully understand the next paragraph, you’ll need to read my previous articles on the “China epidemic” con job (archive here).

—A virus whose very existence is in doubt; the diagnostic tests for the virus are entirely inadequate and useless and misleading; therefore, the case numbers are meaningless; the virus’ supposed origin (Wuhan) is a place where highly dangerous and unprecedented air pollution can account for the all the effects of the so-called virus—and now one prediction on steroids is pegging the eventual global case numbers at 15 million, and the cost of containing the virus at $2 trillion. The elite players are visiting their tailors and having their deep pockets deepened further to absorb this (planned) windfall.


by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan:

The World Health Organization is saying that cash could be contaminated with the coronavirus, and you should avoid using it if you want to stay healthy.

Instead of urging people to practice effective handwashing techniques and try to naturally and safely boost their immune system with proper nutrition and adequate amounts of sleep as a means to protect from the coronavirus, the WHO is saying cash is contaminated. Again, the simple fix here is a good hand washing routine, however, it seems like propaganda towards a cashless society.

PHOTOS: Store Shelves Across the Country Are Emptying Fast

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

As people across the country frantically attempt to get prepared for the possibility of quarantines and illness during the Covid-19 outbreak, store shelves across the country are getting stripped bare. And with the supply chain interruptions that we’ve written about previously, some of these items may not be coming back any time soon.

I asked a group of readers to show me what their local stores looked like and the photos that follow are the ones they sent me.

FEAR IS A CONTAGION OF ITS OWN, and it’s spreading

from SGTreport:


2 Individuals At AIPAC Conference With Pence, Pompeo, McConnell & Others Test Positive For Covid-19

from ZeroHedge:

Tehran is going to love this…

As the novel coronavirus spreads through Westchester County’s Jewish community following an outbreak in New Rochelle, it’s perhaps unsurprising that several individuals who attended the 2020 AIPAC conference, which was held in Washington DC earlier this week, have tested positive for the virus.

Scientists say they’ve identified 2 strains of COVID-19


by Sean Walton, The Daily Sheeple:

Researchers in China have found that two different types of the new coronavirus could be causing infections worldwide.

In a preliminary study published Tuesday, scientists at Peking University’s School of Life Sciences and the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai found that a more aggressive type of the new coronavirus had accounted for roughly 70% of analyzed strains, while 30% had been linked to a less aggressive type.

The Coronavirus Is the Way to Martial Law and Total Control Over Populations

by Gary D. Barnett, Lew Rockwell:

The United States government has initiated martial law. All citizens are to conform to government mandates. U.S. security forces will enforce these mandates locally with all city, county, and state police forces, and in all other cases the military will be in control. Mandated behavior will include forced vaccinations, quarantine, intense surveillance, and restriction on any movement not authorized by government and health officials. Blood and urine samples may be required, and any interference with this process will be treated as a high crime against the state. Questioning authorities will not be allowed, and all Internet and communication services will be fully monitored and controlled. Punishment for non-compliance will range from incarceration in holding camps to death. Individual rights will be suspended in the name of national security due to the extreme pandemic risk facing this country. This is necessary for the safety of all Americans.

Shocking New Study Concludes That The “Best Case Scenario” For A COVID-19 Pandemic Is 15 Million Dead

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Over the past week, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 outside of China more than tripled once again.  Hopefully it is extremely unlikely that such a rapid growth rate will continue, because if it does, there will be more than a million confirmed cases outside of China just a month from now.  I don’t even want to imagine the level of fear that would cause, and needless to say that would be absolutely devastating for the entire global economy.  Of course if we do get to a million confirmed cases, there won’t be any way to keep it from spreading everywhere on the entire globe, and the ultimate death toll could be unimaginable.

Governments Are Using the Coronavirus to Distract From Their Own Failures

by Daniel Lacalle, Mises Institute:

The Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Global Cases Monitor shows that the mortality rate of the epidemic is very low. At the writing of this article,1 there have been 92,818 cases, 3,195 deaths, and 48,201 recoveries. It is normal for the media to focus on the first two figures, but I think that it is important to remember the last one. The recovered figure is more than ten times the deceased one. This should not make the reader ignore the epidemic, but it is worth reading the scientific study that shows that the death rate in citizens under age 60 is less than 1.3 percent, 0.2 percent in the young population, and a maximum of 4 percent on average.2