Watch Critical Race Theory Implemented on the Playground


    from Moonbattery:

    Teachers are not the only ones to implement black supremacist ideology in public schools. Critical Race Theory has filtered down from the Ivy League to the playground, as confirmed by video of a recent incident in Springfield, Ohio showing white students beaten and forced to kneel and pledge submission to Black Lives Matter:

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    As the New York Post describes it,

    Footage obtained by WKEF showed a tall student grabbing a much smaller one around the back of the head and marching him across the Springfield playground, with another joining to hold the struggling victim. …

    Minutes later, a group of five people marched to the same spot, this time with a child hoisted over the shoulder of the ringleader — who then tosses the pupil to the ground.

    A third attack appears to show the group knocking down another student and dragging him or her along the ground.

    The children were forced to recite the words “Black Lives Matter.”

    The principal of Kenwood Elementary told cops that some of those who refused were “chased down and escorted, dragged or carried” to the area near the swings, as caught on the surveillance footage.

    At least one of the victims was punched in the head, the police report said of the racially motivated attack.

    The Blaze provides context:

    BLM, the identitarian leftist group the Springfield aggressors allegedly forced their victims to pledge fealty to, was associated with the 2020 riots that did at least $1 billion in damage. Of the 8,700 BLM-related events at the time, 574 reportedly involved violent acts in over 140 cities, including shootings, arson, looting, vehicular crimes, and explosions.

    RealClear Investigations reported that between six and 20 persons were killed in the BLM riots. One police officer was killed, and 2,037 officers were assaulted or injured; 16,241 arrests were made.

    Extra to its links to violence, destruction, and transsexual activism, BLM calls for police to be defunded, for the disruption of the nuclear family, and for “a queer-affirming network.”

    In short, Black Lives Matter represents unadulterated evil, which children entrusted to their school were forced to kneel before and pledge allegiance to.

    Not to absolve the nasty little savages on the playground, but the blame lies mainly with the schools, the media, and the rest of the liberal establishment for egging on Black Lives Matter violence and extolling its ideology. The playground bullies are underaged foot soldiers for an evil that transcends race, which is only a tool for progressives.

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