Censorship Kills Freedom, and Google Is Doubling Down


    by Tom Renz, Esq., American Outloud:

    Censorship kills, and Google is doubling down. Google controls everything on the web, and they can see everything you are doing at all times. It’s great to see platforms like Twitter lessen their censorship and others like Truth Social working to fight censorship, but we need to take the head off the beast – and Google is the head of the beast.

    I’m working with many talents nationwide on legislation to fight censorship, of which I can’t give too many details just yet, or they will send in their lobbyist groups to shut us down. The truth regarding COVID treatments, death jabs, masks, social distancing, and lockdowns has been and continues to be censored by Google and everyone that answers to them. The censorship that Big Tech has allowed and encouraged on their platforms and with the backing of big pharma is responsible for millions of deaths globally.

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    > Please watch The Most Censored Man in America, and help us get the word out!

    We are currently seeing a strong push against any legislation requiring genetically modifying medical treatments and vaccines to be disclosed to the public; informed consent, anyone? Why would there be any pushback against this?

    Nuremberg law already states that informed consent is required, so why would any Republican representative not back these proposed bills? The answer is it’s all part of the same agenda. Big Pharma works with Google and the WEF to censor for the same reason Pfizer pays lobbyists and politicians to block legislation that will reveal the truth to the American people.

    Pharma is currently working on turning all childhood vaccines into gene-modification MRNA technology. Smallpox and other vaccines that have been around for decades will be replaced with gene-altering mRNA vaccines. As we know, mRNA vaccines have only been tested for a few years and have already been proven to be deadly. Why would they push this, and why are they trying to hide it from us?

    The WEF, Swhabb, Harari, and their buddy Bill Gates don’t shy away from stating their goals. You can find videos of them saying that these vaccines can change you, that humans are hackable, Jesus is “fake news” and just an illusion.

    Everything that comes from their camp promotes slavery and depopulation, yet we sit back and allow them to say whatever they want without consequence. What do the WEF and its one-world agenda have to do with Google and censorship?

    Follow the money, and after you’ve done that, look at the plan; the only way they lose is by the truth being exposed.

    Spread this message, and support our litigation and our work legislatively. Censorship has caused mass death globally. If they keep us blindfolded and ignorant, they’ll be able to get everyone injected with mRNA vaccines without even telling us what they are doing. They inject them into our food, putting them in all childhood vaccines, and they don’t think you have the right to know. I know that I will never get another vaccine, and neither will anyone in my family. Please keep supporting freedom media platforms like America Out Loud and help us get the truth out; it’s the only way we win.

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