As 66 Million Agree That National Divorce Is Needed, Making The Conservative Case For Separation Of Blue And Red States – Top Homeless And Murder Cities/Counties Are Run By Democrats


    by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

    When thinking of a “National Divorce” the first thought is “secession,” and in fact it is the first thing the media associates with calls to separate red states for blue states, as highlighted by an article over at the Daily Mail discussing how 66 million Americans agree with idea by Marjorie Taylor Greene regarding a national divorce.

    The Daily Mail states “Secessionist movements are alive and well in Texas and eastern Oregon.”

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    While technically secession is possible, the bar is so high, it isn’t likely as the movement would need approval of both houses of Congress and then obtaining ratification by three fourths of the nation’s legislatures, according to FindLaw.

    Since a quarter of GOP voters are keen on the idea, and only 16% of Democrats favor the idea, the chances of getting both houses of congress and three fourths of the county’s legislatures to agree on it, or anything for that matter, is highly unlikely.

    With that said, there may be a more feasible plan which we will discuss a little further down in this article.

    First the argument on why finding a way to divide red from blue is so much more preferable to Republicans than to Democrats.




    Each city listed in the chart above has a Democrat Mayor. California “hosts a third of the nation’s homeless, half of its street sleepers and SIX of the top 10 of cities worst hit by tent encampments,” according to another piece by the Daily Mail.

    California has a Democrat governor as well as each of the California cities/counties listed having a Democrat Mayors.

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