US Tells Americans to Leave Russia ASAP!


    by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

    COMMENT: I am an American living in Moscow. We were just told that all Americans should leave Russia ASAP by the US embassy. I think all the governments are now looking at Socrates. Your name is even well known here in Moscow.  Maybe you have more influence than you realize.


    REPLY: Well, I have been interviewed on Russian TV several times. RT even asked me about our forecast that Ukraine would be the hot spot a year in advance and we predicted that this would be where WWIII would begin. It is the American press that refuses to cover any of our forecasts. Amazon and Netflix refused to show the movie the Forecaster in the United States. You can what it on Amazon only outside the USA.

    TRUTH LIVES on at

    Then, we were selling the DVD on Amazon in the USA since they refused to stream it. Then that listing was “hacked” to shut that down. The only way to get the DVD is now to order it through our site. All of this just shows how desperate it has become in the United States to actually have a free society. I get a lot of requests for interviews outside the United States. Even the Forecaster Movie was funded by German TV. No American firm would dare produce a film that exposed the corruption in our Judicial system!

    Look, EVERY intelligence service monitors our forecasts. Everyone knows this is a computer, not my personal opinion. Consequently, they want the cold hard facts and the timing. Are they acting because of our timing models? No. If they were, they would back off because our models also show the US will lose this one.

    Historically, when such an advisory is issued, it is because of a conflict that is imminent. Beware in April/May. The Pi Target on Ukraine is April 26th, 2023. We are headed into a period in that only the computer can project timing with an objective attitude.

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