Elon Musk Will Be In Attendance At The World Government Summit This Week Along With Klaus Schwab And His Vision For ‘The State of the World’


    by Geoffrey Grinder, Now The End Begins:

    Elon Musk and Klaus Schwab will be appearing this week at the New World Order World Government Summit in Dubai with the theme being ‘Shaping Future Governments’, what could go wrong?

    When you look at the world stage in 2023, without the discernment of the Holy Spirit inside of all born again people, and without the witness of the King James Bible, you would be quite hard-pressed to tell the difference between the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’. For example, we all know the evil intentions of people like Bill GatesKlaus Schwab and George Soros, they are of a certainty some of the bad guys. But what about free speech savior Elon Musk, good guy or bad guy? How about Donald Trump, good guy or bad guy? Careful now, think before you answer.

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    We live in a day and age where the conspiracy theories have mostly all come true, turns out UFOs are real, the vaccine really does kill people, the virus really was bioengineered and intentionally released, the Great Reset really is the reshaping of our collective global society into the New World Order, and the Climate Change agenda has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with forcing a political agenda. So let’s answer some questions. Elon Musk? Bad guy. Donald Trump? Bad guy. America is not going to be great again, especially not exalting Satan they way we seem to be doing. Sorry if that pops your little bubble, kiddies, but it’s true. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on Elon Musk and Klaus Schwab this week, and let you know how they are planning on reordering your life, because that’s the plan. Elon Musk is scheduled to speak at the World Government Summit on Wednesday.

    World Government Summit to begin in Dubai on Feb.13, to host Elon Musk again

    FROM GULF TODAY: With the participation of 150 countries, 20 presidents and more than 250 ministers from around the globe, the World Government Summit 2023 will kick off in Dubai on the 13th of February, under the slogan “Shaping Future Governments”. International personalities, heads of international organizations and companies, thought leaders, global experts and prominent business leaders from the private sector will discuss global key challenges for the next decade.

    During this edition of the summit, speakers will discuss governments’ features and experiences, the prospects for international cooperation to build a better future for countries and peoples, in addition to a number of topics including the challenges of sustainable development, climate issues, global financial policies, the prospects of the international economy, and the future of healthcare.

    The opening ceremony today heard from Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.

    The old world order of a single superpower is giving way to a “patchwork of a multipower world … with aspiring superpowers like India, but also rogue states – and companies who have become global powers”, Klaus Schwab said.

    The Summit will host a main session entitled “Africa: The World’s Next Global Economic Shaper”, during which Macky Sall, President, Republic of Senegal and Chairperson of the African Union, will discuss investment prospects in Africa, in light of the  abundance of natural resources in this continent.

    For the second time in the World Government Summit, Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, UAE, Chairman, World Government Summit organization will discuss with Elon Musk, CEO, Twitter and Founder, CEO and Chief Engineer of SpaceX, main issues that concern the world.

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