These are the Khazarian-controlled Illuminati mafia families who secretly run the world.


    from State Of The Nation:

    The Jewish/Jesuit Bloodlines. The Real Families,
    who, behind the scenes, control the World through Religion — including both Judaism and Christianity
    — Finance, Property, Land, as well as through total control and manipulation of the markets of the world

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    This document in part is an adaptation of an article found online, without source provided,  entitled “This is the Mythos Mafia – The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits.” Having spent my  lifetime researching and deepening my understanding what is really underway on earth, I  recommend the following article be read in conjunction with The Real History of the Earth.  Why in Hell All This is Happening Again! Available at  

    I have been unable to find or contact the author of the Mythos Mafia to ask permission to  use the information provided in the article, and alter it here to fit with what I have found to  be true. By this introduction I wish to acknowledge his or her work, and present what follows  in pursuit of Truth, to the best of my current understanding.

    “The personages often imagined to be at the top are actually the second level of the human  power hierarchy.” The Rothschild family clearly controls massive wealth, but there exists  wealth far greater and historic. Via power structures dating back to the Roman empire, to  the founding of the Catholic Church, reaching back through Egyptian dynasties, into ancient  Persia and beyond, into the mists of history, these families have moved Kings and Queens, Bishops, Knights and Pawns behind the scenes. The main family names are:

    ∙ Orsini 

    ∙ Breakspear 

    ∙ Aldobrandini 

    ∙ Farnese 

    ∙ Somaglia 

    These are at the core of the Thirteen Ruling Satanic Families of Planet Earth. They exercise  control over The Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order, based in Borgo Santo Spirito, Rome, and over International Jewry through their Sanhedrin.

    This seat of power over “fallen mankind” works in concert with The Satanic Committee of Three  Hundred, as mentioned in the works of Dr. John Coleman

    Some reading this may find it surprising, even unbelievable that the same people actually control  both Christianity and Judaism, for on the world stage, these have been presented as opposites, as  arch enemies. Extensive genealogical research, however, reveals this to be the case. I have  discovered repeatedly either direct Jewish lineage or closely interwoven Jewish genealogical  presence via marriage of all these essentially satanic. As mentioned, some of the material  presented here comes from a paper titled “The Papal Bloodlines of the Jesuits”. Though I appreciate some of the detail presented therein , I find the paper not only presents all these families as being  of Roman lineage, never once mentioning that ALL these families are of Jewish lineage, further the  author belittles and decries those “conspiracy theorists” who declare the Rothschilds and  International Jewry as being at the core of creating Hell on earth, are seriously missing their target.  The author proceeds to imply all these families are Roman ancestrally, not Jewish, and it is the  Roman Catholic Church which focuses Hell on earth, coordinated by these Roman families via the  Jesuit Order. This, to me, is serious misdirection and obfuscation of the truth.

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