The United States And Russia Are At War. You Do Realize How This Is Going To End, Don’t You?


    by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

    Joe Biden just made a surprise visit to Kyiv during which he announced that the U.S. is going to be involved for “as long as it takes” to win the war against Russia.  Meanwhile, the Russians have now pulled together far more forces than they originally invaded Ukraine with a year ago.  They intend to fight for “as long as it takes” too.  There are no peace negotiations and there aren’t going to be any peace negotiations.  Both sides are counting on the other side to eventually back down.  But what happens if both sides just keep escalating matters until a “point of no return” is reached?

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    After we have seen countless other world leaders visit Kyiv over the past year, Joe Biden finally mustered the courage to make the trek himself, and the mainstream media is making a really big deal out of it

    The US will back Ukraine in its fight against Russia for “as long as it takes” President Joe Biden said as he made an unannounced and symbolic visit to the capital, Kyiv.

    “We have every confidence you’re going to continue to prevail,” he said.

    Mr Biden’s first trip to Ukraine as president came days before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

    During his visit, Biden announced even more aid for Ukraine.

    But we have already given 196 billion dollars in aid to the Ukrainians…

    According to the Ukrainian government, the U.S. leads all countries with $196 billion in total military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine between Jan. 24, 2022 through Nov. 20, 2022.

    How much more will we give them during the coming year?

    Sadly, the truth is that we are providing far more funding for this war than anyone else, and that includes the Ukrainians.

    Vast armies of foreign mercenaries are being hired using our tax dollars, and those foreign mercenaries have become more critical than ever because the Ukrainians are literally running out of warm bodies to throw into the meat grinder in eastern Ukraine.

    We are also providing more weapons, more equipment and more ammunition than anyone else, but the Ukrainians are blowing through the ammo even faster than we can make it

    Inside a sprawling factory just off the President Biden Expressway in downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, the future arsenal of Ukraine’s war effort is being forged, one red hot artillery shell at a time.

    Running full-tilt, as it was on a recent January morning, the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant churns out roughly 11,000 artillery shells a month. That may seem like a lot, but the Ukrainian military often fires that many shells over just a few days.

    In addition, the U.S. military actually gives the Ukrainians the specific coordinates where Russian targets are located so that the Ukrainians can fire rockets that we have provided to them at those targets…

    The Washington Post reported Thursday that Ukraine is reliant on coordinates provided or confirmed by the US and its allies to launch strikes using the US-provided HIMARS rocket systems, a revelation that demonstrates Washington’s deep involvement in the war.

    The HIMARS is a precision-guided artillery system, one that Ukraine has employed quite a bit in its fight against Russia. One example is a January 1 HIMARS strike on a facility housing Russian forces in Donetsk that killed at least 89 Russian soldiers, one of the deadliest Ukrainian attacks of the war.

    Citing three unnamed Ukrainian officials and one unnamed US official, the Post reported that Ukraine also relies on the US for targeting coordinates for similar precision weapons, including the M270 Multiple-Launch Rocket System. One senior Ukrainian official said that Ukrainian forces almost never launch strikes using these weapons without coordinates provided by US military personnel that are located at a military base in a different country in Europe.

    This is our war now.

    No matter how much our politicians try to spin it, this has become a war between the United States and Russia.

    And it appears that the Russians are preparing to take things to a whole new level.

    Right now, very large concentrations of Russian troops are poised to come pouring into Ukraine from the north

    Recently we had the first ever confirmation—with actual photographic evidence—of Russian force buildups on Ukraine’s border resembling those of pre-Feb. 2022. Here are satellite photos of one of them; there are reportedly such camps in Kursk and Voronezh regions, which are directly above Sumy and Kharkov oblasts of Ukraine.

    To support those troops, the Russians are constructing “large field hospitals” near the Ukrainian border just like they did prior to the original invasion…

    There are now several reports of large field hospitals being constructed in at least two different regions, again reminiscent of exactly what happened last time prior to the start of the SMO. And a senior lieutenant of the AFU stated that 10,000 Russian troops have amassed across the border from Sumy.

    There are also very large concentrations of Russian troops in the south.

    I expect that the Russians will soon formally declare war against Ukraine, and any pretense of playing nice will finally be discarded.

    On the Ukrainian side, one official just made headlines all over the globe when he declared that “tanks will be parked on Moscow’s Red Square and that will be justice”

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