Did Biden conspire to Nuke Palestine?


    by jtrudel, jtrudel’s Newsletter:

    East Palestine, Ohio Train Disaster in Numbers

    – 50 rail cars derailed on 3 February.
    – 11 rail cars carried hazardous materials.
    – 5 rail cars released Vinyl Chloride, a flammable, colorless liquified gas that causes liver, brain, and lung cancer.
    – 28° Celsius / 82° Fahrenheit is required for Vinyl Chloride to become slightly water soluble.

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    – 1 waterway was directly impacted – the Leslie Run. It feeds the Little Beaver Creek, a tributary to the Ohio River.
    – 5 Million Americans get water from the Ohio River.
    – 74 Million Americans get water from the various tributaries and outlets of the Ohio River, which feeds the Mississippi River.
    – 1 Billion+ animals of varying types – livestock and wildlife – depend on these waterways for life.
    – None of the waterways have ever hit a sustained 82°F in human history.
    – 3500 fish and aquatic animals have died in the Leslie Run in the past week.
    – Almost all small livestock have died in East Palestine since Friday, 10 February, especially poultry.
    – About 4800 residents call East Palestine home.
    – 94% are White
    – 81% of the 74 Million Americans that depend on the Ohio River and associated waterways, including the Mississippi for water for themselves and/or their livestock are White.
    – Zero FEMA officials have arrived to East Palestine as of 15 February.

    This was not an accident. It was caused by human intervention.

    “The Netflix movie White Noise, came out prior. Obviously, a dig on their biggest threat, the Whites. In the town of Palestine, another they despise. No coincidence. This was an attack from Blackrock.”

    Interesting that the Governors of BOTH Ohio (Mike DeWine) and PA (Andy Beshear) are reported to have visited East Palestine briefly. Both reportedly APPROVED burning the toxic spill, but declined to meet with the citizens.

    Such burning turned the toxic spill into a toxic gas, phosgene. This was a chemical weapon used in World War I. Its use has since been banned by the Geneva Protocol as a WAR CRIME.

    The Biden Administration (threatening union members with life in prison) blocked a strike in November/December to prevent the installation of an automatic system (PSR — Precision Scheduled Maintenance) to replace humans as being responsible for Train safety. On February 3 a train, inbound to East Palestine, ran over a sensor about 20 miles East, that showed its wheels were on fire.

    The crew was ordered by dispatch to disregard the sensor and continue. It did so. The wreck happened about thirty miles further down the line. After the wreck, Federal Officials turned an unnecessary accident into a major environmental disaster by setting fire to the spilled toxic chemicals.

    Neither Governor was reported to have spent any time meeting with local citizens, who are not being offered normal disaster relief, but were, and are, instead, being strongly pressured to 1) Return to their homes, and 2) Sign releases.

    If people wanted their homes inspected for toxic contamination, they were offered no help whatsoever from the government. Few could afford such inspections ($50,000 or more, to inspect, and likely much more to decontaminate), nor is it normal for innocent Americans to be forced to bear such costs.

    No housing or medical care was offered. Apparently, not even medical examinations.

    State officials showed little interest in residents. It was just a small batch of conservative voters. The town consisted of U.S. Citizens (99.3%), mostly Republican (71.5%), low income, mostly White, and close knit with 1,898 families, 4761 citizens. Population was about 50/50 male/female. Mostly small farms and small business owners. Population was declining. East Palestine reverted to becoming a “village” in 2011, due to lower population.

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