Insane Gaslighting: Clinton Aide’s Death Ruled ‘Suicide’ Despite Being Tied to a Tree, Shot in Chest


    by Bob Unruh, Discern Report:

    A former Clinton aide who signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House multiple times was found dead in 2022 with a gunshot wound to his chest, an extension cord tied around his neck and attached to a tree.

    No gun was found in the vicinity.

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    But his death now has been determined to be a suicide, according to a report assembled by the Daily Mail.

    It’s just one of a long list of suspicious deaths that have been documented among those who were in the circle of people that included Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    The report on the death of Mark Middleton “raises more questions than answers as it rules he died by suicide – despite no sign of the weapon that killed him,” the report charged.

    The 59-year-old was found dead at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, last May. The report’s release was delayed by a family petition to keep some information private.

    Middleton was for a time Bill Clinton’s special adviser, and he was the one who let Epstein, a pedophile who reportedly died by his own hand in jail while awaiting judicial action, into the White House on seven of the at least 17 times Epstein was there.

    According to the reporting from Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson, the Daily Mail said, authorities were summoned to the ranch by worker Samantha McElroy who had found Middleton’s abandoned black BMW SUV.

    Middleton’s body was found shortly later.

    Lawson’s report said, “I could see what at first appeared to be a man sitting near a tree, as my eyes focused better, I could see a rope of some type going from the tree limb to the male. … I could see that he had a gunshot wound to the chest and that he had a knot tied in an extension cord that was around his neck and it was attached to the limb directly above him.”

    The report confirmed a search of Middleton’s vehicle found a gun case, but no gun.

    The Daily Mail added, “Middleton also flew on Epstein’s jet, nicknamed the ‘Lolita Express’. More recently he had been working for his family’s HVAC business in Little Rock.”

    WND reported in 2019 that Epstein, who faced charges of molesting underage girls and sex trafficking, was found in a Manhattan jail cell with injuries to his neck. He was found dead, in his cell, shortly later.

    Immediately social media exploded with discussion of the “body counts” of those linked in some way to the Clintons.

    The late talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh discussed the “Clinton body count” in 2016, citing a report from Rachel Alexander at titled “Clinton body count or left-wing conspiracy? Three with ties to DNC mysteriously die.”

    Limbaugh said at the time he recalled Ted Koppel, then anchor of ABC News’ “Nightline,” routinely discussing the issue following the July 20, 1993, death of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster.

    In fact, Limbaugh said then, he appeared on Koppel’s show.

    “One of the things I said was, ‘Who knows what happened here? But let me ask you a question.’ I said, ‘Ted, how many people do you know in your life who’ve been murdered? Ted, how many people do you know in your life that have died under suspicious circumstances?’

    “Of course, the answer is zilch, zero, nada, none, very few,” Limbaugh said. “Ask the Clintons that question. And it’s a significant number. It’s a lot of people that they know who have died, who’ve been murdered.

    “And the same question here from Rachel Alexander. It’s amazing the cycle that exists with the Clintons.”

    WND has compiled a list of dozens of the “most mysterious deaths.”

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    They include attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, who helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the [2016] primary for Hillary Clinton” and days later was found dead in his bathroom. The cause of death wasn’t determined.

    Another was former U.N. official John Ashe, founded dead in his New York home. Officials said it was a heart attack, but local police said his throat had been crushed by a barbell.

    Another man, an MI6 spy who had illegally hacked secret data on Bill Clinton, was found dead, naked, padlocked and stuffed in a duffel bag in a London hotel bathtub.

    Scotland Yard said it was a suicide.

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