If You Have Ever Wondered Why So Many Young Men Are So Frustrated With Dating, Here Is The Truth…


    by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

    Have you noticed that a lot of young men seem to be angry, bitter and frustrated all the time?  It isn’t just your imagination.  There really are millions upon millions of young men that are in a state of deep discontent because they can’t find love.  Thanks to certain societal trends which I will discuss below, the number of available single young men greatly outnumbers the number of available single young women in America today.  In fact, it is being reported that single young men are unattached at “nearly twice the rate” that single young women in the United States are…

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    More than 60 percent of young men are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women, signaling a larger breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual life of the American male.

    Men in their 20s are more likely than women in their 20s to be romantically uninvolved, sexually dormant, friendless and lonely. They stand at the vanguard of an epidemic of declining marriage, sexuality and relationships that afflicts all of young America.

    Let me be more specific.

    According to the Pew Research Center, 34 percent of young women in the United States are currently not in a relationship, but for young men the figure is 63 percent

    As of 2022, Pew Research Center found, 30 percent of U.S. adults are neither married, living with a partner nor engaged in a committed relationship. Nearly half of all young adults are single: 34 percent of women, and a whopping 63 percent of men.

    At first glance, those numbers don’t seem to make any sense.

    Roughly 50 percent of all young adults are male, and roughly 50 percent of all young adults are female.

    So how can there possibly be such a gap?

    Unfortunately, the rules of the game have dramatically changed.

    In the old days, the goal was to find love at a relatively young age, get married, and raise a family together.

    But now, having children is not a high priority for many women.  In fact, there are many women that don’t want to have children at all.

    Instead, financial considerations have become a lot more important in this day and age.  Unfortunately for young men, older men tend to have more financial resources than they do.

    And this does show up in the polling.  For example, one study found that “employment” was one of the most important factors for women when evaluating a potential partner…

    Employment matters for both college-educated women and women without a degree. Eighty-nine percent of college-educated women and nearly three-quarters (74%) of women without a degree. The education divide is among the smallest on this issue of employment, which suggests that all women value having a partner who can contribute financially. Still, college-educated women are more likely to say being unemployed is a liability in a prospective partner.

    Many women are extremely hesitant to get involved with someone that makes less money than they do or that has less education than they do.

    But now that women earn almost 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees, that has become a major problem.

    Because now the number of college-educated young women greatly outnumbers the number of college-educated young men.

    So a lot of young women that are searching for someone “on their level” are turning to older men.

    Political views have also become an extremely important factor in modern dating…

    The largest education gaps in dating preferences among women are a potential partner’s educational background, views about vaccines, and views of Donald Trump. More than seven in 10 college-educated women say they would be less likely to date someone who supports Trump (74%) or is suspicious of vaccines (72%). A majority (54%) of women with a degree say they would be less likely to date someone without a college education. Far fewer women without a degree say they would be less inclined to date someone who supports Trump (42%), does not trust vaccines (34%), or did not go to college (12%).

    Survey after survey has found that young women are generally much more liberal than young men are.

    So that makes it very difficult for conservative young men to find desirable partners.

    Meanwhile, many unattached young women are not interested in men at all.

    And that is because they are dating each other.

    Gallup has been tracking the sexual orientations of Americans for more than a decade, and over that time LGBT identification among most generations has been relatively stable

    Since Gallup began measuring LGBT identification in 2012, the percentage of traditionalists, baby boomers, and Generation X adults who identify as LGBT has held relatively steady. At the same time, there has been a modest uptick among millennials, from 5.8% in 2012 (when some members of the generation had not yet turned 18) to 7.8% in 2017 and 10.5% currently.

    But for Generation Z, there has been a huge explosion.

    In 2017, 10.5 percent of Americans in Generation Z identified as LGBT.

    But by the time we got to 2021, that number had skyrocketed to 20.8 percent.

    Of those that identify as LGBT, nearly three-fourths are bisexual.

    And approximately three-fourths of those that identify as bisexual are women.

    This certainly helps to explain why there are large numbers of young men that can’t find relationships.

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