Here Is Davos Plan For The Next Pandemic


    from Great Game India:

    Klaus Schwab said that the pandemic is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to undertake the Great Reset, which reveals the plan that Davos has for the next pandemic.

    The World Economic Forum’s Davos debates frequently require some “reading between the lines” to comprehend what the globalist participants are truly saying, but this is less of a requirement now. Reps from the establishment have become much more transparent about their goal and their future intentions since the pandemic catastrophe, coupled with the lockdowns and attempts to implement vaccine passports.

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    After all, it was Klaus Schwab who described the current economic and political order as being in need of a “rare but narrow window of opportunity” to undertake the “Great Reset.” Recent years have demonstrated that the Davos crowd still holds onto the waning pandemic hysteria as the “good old days” when they could get whatever they wanted, including complete centralization.

    Here Is Davos Plan For The Next Pandemic 2

    The globalists still refuse to acknowledge their numerous failures, but panels like the one below make their point crystal clear: They understand that the truth has entered the mainstream and that an excessive number of people are now debating the efficacy of the restrictions, mandates, masks, and mRNA vaccines. All of these precautions have mostly failed to stop the spread of viruses, and now the vaccinations’ negative side effects are being acknowledged—at least to a point. Overall, the epidemic did not present Klaus Schwab and the WEF with the opportunity they had anticipated.

    They now look forward to a pandemic in the future, potentially one with a far greater mortality rate that will incite more profitable public concern.

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