Zelensky’s War Machine Is Running Out of Fuel. Expect More Panic Attacks Soon


    by Martin Jay, Strategic Culture:

    Zelensky believes faking an attack or creating an environmental calamity will repeat history. But he is woefully misinformed as he is ignorant.

    When the lights go out, the water no longer comes and there isn’t even a scrap of wood to keep Ukrainians warm, Zelensky will need Sean Penn’s Oscar for help.

    How long has President Zelensky got, before his political support wains, given then it is widely known that he is often bullied by western elites out of talks with Russia? There is a certain panic setting in within the Zelensky cabal which is making him more and more capricious, to the point of being out of control, which makes observers wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

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    The Black Sea attack was a panic reaction. He believed that he could steer the media agenda towards “starving Africans” and that Russia pulling out of the deal agreed with Turkey and the UN would only affirm that it is the Ukrainians who are the angels and the Russians the devils. Huge backfire when Putin not only came back but also made an offer to supply African countries with grain for free.

    Then there was the incident with the rocket landing in Poland, timed precisely to coincide with the G20 meeting of world leaders. Does anyone, even Putin’s enemies, believe the Russian president was behind such a stunt? Of course Zelensky organised it. This obsession, at all costs, to drag the West into a full out war inside Ukraine knows no limits.

    And now we are seeing more and more such panicking, with the latest news that nuclear power station that the Russians control is being shelled. There can only be one objective for those doing the shelling: to create a nuclear fallout similar to that of Chernobyl which those same people who carried out the bombing believe will drag NATO into a war within Ukraine’s borders.

    You can’t actually blame Zelensky for thinking this way as it was precisely a false flag attack in the summer of 1995 in Sarajevo supposedly against Muslims in a market place, which gave Clinton the confidence to launch NATO airstrikes against Bosnian Serbs which changed the war there completely in the favour of the West.

    Zelensky believes faking an attack or creating an environmental calamity will repeat history. But he is woefully misinformed as he is ignorant. There is nothing that would pull NATO into a full out war with Russia. Even the demented U.S. president Biden knows this and is incredibly careful about the type of weaponry he sends to the Ukrainians so as to not provoke a longer-range battle which flows over borders. The recent announcement by the European Parliament to denounce Russia as a sponsor of state terrorism shows just how undeveloped and stupid an institution the EU is, at best. Even Biden wouldn’t pull off such a stunt as it makes negotiating for peace even harder later on.

    But weaponry is the issue right now which is making Zelensky panic. Most western countries, around 20, who were providing huge amounts of ordinance are pulling back at an alarming rate now as their own stockpiles are depleted making them underresourced to even defend their own countries. America is by far the biggest donor of military aid but has scaled down in recent weeks so much that Ukraine’s army are running short of Javelins, Stingers and the most needed 155mm Howitzer missiles which are really the backbone of the Ukrainian army. Experts in the U.S. are talking about years, not months, before it can restock as it is clear that the amount that was being handed over, with little if any transparency, was way too much.

    It is for this reason that it is unlikely that the Republicans in the House of Representatives will back Biden’s latest 37 bn dollar military aid package. Many suspect that there is a black market of arms controlled by Zelensky or his cronies and that only half of what the U.S. is sending is even getting to Ukraine.

    And even old-fashioned cash which Zelensky needs to pay civil servants and keep ministries and the military functioning – not to mention public services – is also running very short. It’s hard not to notice this, with or without Rishi Sunak, Britain’s new PM arriving in Kiev with a whopping 50 million pounds to donate to the Zelensky war business. That’s a whole 50 million, folks.

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