Democrats Get Violent


    from Moonbattery:

    On all the key issues, Democrat policy is destructive and contrary to popular opinion. But Democrats are still viable, because their control of the media allows them to whip gullible voters into a state of hysteria over the alleged heinousness of their opponents. As a result of this strategy, the hostility Democrats feel toward Republicans has become a chilling phenomenon to behold. We are not merely opponents but enemies of Their Democracy. To support their contentions, they endlessly hype the January 6 teapot tempest. Combine this mentality with panic in the face of the upcoming midterms and violence would be an unsurprising result.

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    For example,

    Republican Gen. Don Bolduc was physically attacked by an unknown individual before the Wednesday debate with Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), Bolduc’s campaign told Breitbart News.

    General Bolduc was assailed outside the building before the debate by someone who attempted to punch him.

    It is not known if the individual is a Hassan supporter.

    Given the context, it seems likely. But at least it does not appear that the intent was to mutilate and kill, as 31-year-old Scott Lennox of Chicago threatened to do to Republican Darren Bailey, who is running for Governor of Illinois.

    A political ad set off Lennox, inspiring him to leave an imprudent voicemail:

    “I’m going to skin Darren Bailey alive, making sure he is still alive, and I’m going to feed his f——— family to him as he is alive and screaming in f——— pain,” prosecutors say Lennox said in the voicemail. He also allegedly made statements about abortion in his message.

    It would be impossible to overstate the importance of abortion to some leftists. It is like a sacred rite to them. Any perceived threat to child sacrifice will provoke reactions best described as demonic.

    He further said, “He is a piece of white a— racist s—-, and honestly if he doesn’t kill himself, I will. You know what? I know where he lives. I know where he sleeps. I know where his kids sleep. And I know the f——— school he works at,” prosecutors allege he said.

    Schools associated with Bailey and his family were placed on soft lockdown.

    “So f—- him for being a piece of s—-,” prosecutors claim Lennox said of Bailey in the voicemail. “So you know what? I am going to take anything and everything possible. You know what? I am going to make him scream. I am going to make him scream and suffer. Yeah, that’s right. So he better kill himself, and if he doesn’t, I am going to kill him.”

    Last month, Republican canvasser Christopher Monzon was seriously injured by an assailant in Florida. The month before, an 84-year-old prolife woman was shot in the back while going door to door in Michigan. A maniac in North Dakota ran over and killed teenager Cayler Ellingson, evidently for being Republican, and was then released on absurdly low bail. In July, a maniac walked free after attempting to kill Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

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