Americans Must Vote Against Evil Agenda & Vote for Liberty


    by DrLee4America, America Outloud:

    This election day, we face a significant precipice in America that also has a major portent for the rest of the world.  

    This is truly a precipice: Will the light of liberty go out for the next millennium?  

    Or will we, as Americans, with our fighting spirit, and our God-given rights to life and liberty, stand up for freedom?

    Deaths are skyrocketing with this vast experiment, unleashed on the people of the world with the experimental gene therapy covid shots that are causing sudden death, heart attacks, strokes, permanent disability, and brain damage. Will we stand up for life itself against the assault of the Covid Death protocols in our hospitals? 

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    The COVID tyranny of the last three years should be a wake-up call to all of us that this election is the most crucial of our lifetime. Bar none.

    We’ve had important elections before. Election 2022 is literally the choice between: 

    • Life and Death
    • Liberty and Tyranny
    • Good and Evil

    Global evil controls every aspect of your life, or the freedom to decide our lives and work as God intended. America is now the last bastion of freedom in the world. And OUR freedom is hanging on by a thread. 

    The latest stolen election in Brazil has just turned ALL of South America under Marxist leaders now in every country there.

    We have been turned inside out and upside down under the Covid pandemic and the tyranny of that, but also with the rise in Socialism and Marxist infiltration of every institution in our country. 

    Both political parties have colluded in the damage we have seen to America’s social and economic strength. I am advocating for a return to God as the guider of our nation, and God as the cornerstone of our nation. 

    I am not advocating for a political party. Both Republicans and Democrats are at fault for the lawlessness and loss of freedom that has taken lives, closed businesses, and led to a massive rise in crime and influx of illegal border crossers taking our social resources away from needy Americans. 

    I’m advocating for a return to the founding principles of the United States of America, as our founders envisioned, guided by Divine Providence, which they freely acknowledged. All of them – regardless of the revisionist historians who are trying to change history and say that America was not founded as a Christian nation. That is flagrantly false. Accurate history well documents the Judeo-Christian beliefs of our founders.

    It says clearly in our Declaration of Independence we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal with life and liberty, gifts of our Creator, not the Government.

    America… that is the principle you need to decide on this critical election day. Or any election day, for that matter. 

    I have personally been on the ground in four Communist countries: the Soviet Union in 1974 and 1975 and three of the Communist countries of Eastern Europe in 1979. I experienced the tyranny and oppression of the people, watched in horror, seeing them stand in bread lines just to find out whether there was even any food to buy in the government-controlled stores.

    My husband and I were in Argentina as part of a medical program in 2005 when Argentina fell to the Marxist Government of the Kirchner’s. We were living and working in Chile from 2013 to 2016 when Chile again fell to the Marxist government of Bachelet. Those two elections in Argentina and Chile were later proven to be stolen elections. 

    We have just witnessed a stolen election in Brazil. I have interviewed national security experts, and one Christian journalist on the ground in Brazil, who reports that over five million votes were hacked by the Chinese Communist government, and shifted from Bolsonaro, the current President of Brazil, to the Marxist Leftist candidate, Lulu.  

    Brazil was the last remaining hope of liberty in South America. Brazil has now been stolen from the column of FREEDOM to be put under Marxist tyranny and control.


    Canada’s Socialist Marxist leader is well known, and we already see the lack of freedom in Mexico. Former Western democracies in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are all socialist countries now. So that makes the United States of America literally the last torch of freedom for the rest of the world. Our torch is flickering, barely visible, and about to be snuffed out if we do not defend it.

    If we go dark into the forces of tyranny and totalitarianism, and the success of the Marxist coup that has been underway in this country silently behind the scenes for the last several decades, and especially since the 2008 election, the entire world will be facing a massive evil that you cannot even comprehend. 

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