FDA’s Lies, Fraud And Corruption


by Catherine J. Frompovich, Activist Post:

“’Gee, they relied on a fraud for this application; we should deny it;’ but the FDA Commissioner granted it and put Ketek into the market”!

The drug involved is the antimicrobial agent Sanofi-Aventis makes called Ketek®, which has been linked to dozens of cases of liver injury!

The New England Journal of Medicine published “The FDA and the Case of Ketek” by David B. Ross, MD, PhD, which readers ought to take the time to read to understand how FDA truly has become ‘the handmaiden’ of the pharmaceutical industry and vaccine makers collectively called Big Pharma!  The NEJM article states:

A routine FDA inspection of the practices of the physician who enrolled the most patients — more than 400 — uncovered fraud, including complete fabrication of patient enrollment. The inspector notified FDA criminal investigators, and the physician is currently serving a 57-month sentence in federal prison for her actions. Inspections of nine other sites enrolling high numbers of patients revealed serious violations of trial conduct, raising substantial concerns about the overall integrity of the study. In the end, 4 of the 10 inspected sites were referred for criminal investigation. [CJF emphasis]


According to Constitutional Attorney Jonathan W. Emord, the clinical trial for Ketek never happened; they made it up!  What kind of magical consensus science is the foremost industry in the world supposedly to protect and enhance health up to?  Fraud, fraud and more fraud!  Does that affect vaccines, too?  Does the bear you-know-what in the woods?

Against this backdrop of concerns about both safety and fraud, critical questions also arose about the efficacy of Ketek, which had been examined only in noninferiority trials

Nevertheless, the FDA approved Ketek entirely on the basis of noninferiority trials.  [NEJM]

In the following video, Attorney Emord discusses the Ketek fraud case, which ought to bring healthcare consumers to demand total reforms at FDA, if not its total dismantling in favor of a new federal agency totally free of Big Pharma influences—financial or otherwise, specifically the revolving door policy that exists between former employees of Big Pharma, FDA and the CDC.  Americans deserve better!

In another video, Attorney Emord is interviewed by Health Ranger Mike Adams regarding

Medical/Health/Drug Censorship Occurs in Countries that Regulate Drugs
An interview with Jonathan Emord, Esq. Apr. 27, 2010
The paradigm has to collapse because it’s contrary to scientific profusion of information in the literature.
Censorship literally sacrifices human life!

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