Sunday, February 28, 2021

Tag: Hi-Tech Russian Bombers Sending ISIS Back to the Stone Age – Russian TV News

Great Footage of Huge, Hi-Tech Russian Bombers Sending ISIS Back to the Stone Age – Russian TV News


from Russia Insider:

“After modernization, these planes have special state-of-the-art equipment on board. It allows them to drop bombs with amazingly high precision. This 500 kg bomb, dropped from a 10 km height, can easily hit a matchbox”

Here is a revealing report from the Russian Evening News about how Russia has annihilated more terrorists in Syria.  A full transcript is located below the video.

Russia is proud of its formidable military – and shows this branch in action to its people.

The Tu-22M3 are long-range strategic bombers capable of carrying devastating payloads, and a reminder of Russia’s heritage and current status as a Nuclear Superpower.

These Russian military planes carried out a successful mission against terrorists located near Abu Kamal.

These beasts were built with the idea of battling a major conventional power in mind, and as such, when such weapons are employed against disorganized terrorist rabble, it’s hardly a fight.

An arms depot was destroyed along with another terrorist outpost. 

Video Transcript:


Today, Russian long-range bombers carried out a massive airstrike on terrorist positions in Deir ez-Zor, Syria. Six supersonic long-range strategic bombers Tu-22M3 took off from Russia, flew over Iraq and Iran and hit all their targets in Syria: terrorist outposts, as well as arms and ammo depots. A report by Aleksandr Kundukhov.


The plane switches on its bright navigation lights and speeds up along the runway in afterburning mode. For this powerful machine to take off, it needs to accelerate to 300 km/h in 2.5 km.

One after another, long-range bombers Tu-22M3 rise into the air and disappear into the clouds. It will take them almost 3 hours to get to the destination.

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