Friday, January 22, 2021

Tag: Did Vladimir Putin Just Create a Different World Order?

Did Vladimir Putin Just Create a Different World Order?

by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

One can only imagine how much the Kremlin enjoyed a print of a Radio Free Liberty/Radio Free Europe article headed “Oil War And Peace: A Russian-Saudi Standoff Is Over — At What Cost To The Kremlin?”

Yet, nobody in the business of geopolitics knows RFE/RL stories are a two-way mirror that reflects the truth from the biggest lie while offering an unexpected view of the people behind America’s propaganda circus. After all, who in the world believes Vladimir Putin ever made a bad deal for Russian business expansion? If the US State Department says Russia lost out or made a mistake, you can bet your last dollar, euro, or ruble Putin just outwitted someone at the top. And in the case of the recent oil cutback, a US president begged for, the Russian leader came out in the catbird seat once again. The real story comes at the end of the propaganda piece by RFE/RL: