Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sweden Now Recommends Against Vaccination of Young People for Covid-19, Joins More Nations Ending the Practice


    by Kyle Becker, Becker News:

    Another European nation has decided to put an end to mRNA shots for Covid-19 for healthy young persons under the age of 18. The guidance was changed by the Swedish health authority in a notice at the end of September.

    “The general recommendation for basically healthy children aged 12–17 years to vaccinate against covid-19 ends after 31 October,” the notice said in Swedish. “The reason is the very low risk of serious illness and death from covid-19 in children and young people. In the future, vaccination against Covid-19 is recommended for children in special groups.”

    While you “Stayed at Home to Protect the NHS”, your Government killed the Elderly & Vulnerable, then lied by telling you they were COVID Deaths; & Documents prove it was years in the planning


      by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

      Whilst you stayed at home and believed you were protecting the NHS, your Government was deliberately making decisions that would ensure thousands of the elderly and vulnerable would suffer premature deaths in care homes.

      Without those deaths, you would have questioned the logic of ever staying at home to decimate the economy and destroy lives. What your Government did amounts to murder. But they covered it up with lies that they had all died of Covid-19.

      Ep. 2889b_-Space Force Satellite Communications Online, Narrative Shift In Full Force, Buckle Up


        from X22 Report:

        TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

        Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Don’t Plan on Getting COVID Boosters Soon + More


        by The Defender Staff, Childrens Health Defense:

        The Defender’s COVID NewsWatch provides a roundup of the latest headlines related to the SARS CoV-2 virus, including its origins and COVID vaccines.

        Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Don’t Plan on Getting COVID Boosters Soon — Poll

        Reuters reported:

        Around two-thirds of adults in the United States do not plan to get updated COVID-19 booster shots soon, according to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), a health policy nonprofit organization.

        “The Impact Has Already Been Catastrophic”: Hedge Fund CIO Says “This Crash, Don’t Look For Central Banks To Save Us”


          from ZeroHedge:

          By Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management


          “What will it take for the Fed to pause?” I asked, early morning, screens aglow, the smell of impending policy-maker panic drifting across our trading floor like freshly brewed coffee. We were discussing relentless dollar strength, what it means, where it leads. “It’s harder to answer in this cycle, because I don’t really think that dollar strength is specifically because of the Fed, at least not completely,” said Lindsay Politi, our inflation-strategies portfolio-manager, brilliant. “It’s the logical consequence of the QE bubble bursting. Fed tightening is part of it, sure, but it’s not like when the Fed pauses all the root cause of the problems will go away.”

          Naomi Wolf: Elites covering up deadly vax ‘complicit in a massive crime’


            from WND:

            ‘Nice’ people turn out to be ‘monsters and barbarians’

            The unwillingness of America’s elites to confront the severe harm caused by the COVID-19 vaccines and pandemic restrictions makes them “complicit in a massive crime,” charged liberal journalist and author Naomi Wolf.

            In an interview with Eric Metaxas, Wolf, whose grandmother lost nine siblings in the Holocaust, compared the behavior of the nation’s ruling educated class during the pandemic to the passiveness of Germany’s highly civilized and educated population in the 1930s.

            ‘Metaverse’ children to replace real kids by 2050 and ‘help with overpopulation’


              from End Time Headlines:

              Virtual kids born in the metaverse could become more common in the next 50 years, according to an AI expert. Author Catriona Campbell believes parents will want to care for digital children in virtual reality, using a headset to feel like they’re really there with a CGI kid.

              These virtual kids would be just like the real thing but could be switched off at the touch of a button, and Campbell argues they’ll help the world deal with ‘overpopulation’. In a book released this year, Campbell says a ‘Tamagotchi generation’ will be born and be available to parents for a ‘small monthly fee’.



                by Wayne Allyn Root, The Gateway Pundit:

                Our country is being destroyed. It’s clearly a purposeful communist attack upon America from a thousand different directions. But the President isn’t Biden. He is just the figurehead/puppet. The real president is Obama.

                This is clearly the third term of Obama. His fingerprints are everywhere.

                No president can legally serve three terms. Hence the need for a figurehead. Biden is just a “DDD”- a dummy with dementia and diapers. He says whatever is written on cue cards and signs whatever paper is put in front of him. That allows Obama to run the country from the shadows.

                Biden must know he’s losing his mind


                  by Bill Rice, Bill Rice Jr’s Newsletter:

                  Staying in office is clearly more important than doing the right thing and resigning.

                  I normally feel great sympathy for any person battling the terrible disease of dementia. However, in the case of President Biden, who the whole world knows is battling this affliction, the sentiment I feel is closer to disgust.

                  The reason my normal empathy is lacking is that President Biden himself must know he has this condition … and he won’t acknowledge this and do what’s best for the country and resign.

                  Court orders production of Seth Rich laptop


                    by Techno Fog, The Reactionary:

                    Today, a federal judge ordered the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop.”

                    This case involves a multi-year fight by attorney Ty Clevenger to obtain records relating to the FBI/DOJ investigation of Seth Rich, particularly whether Rich was involved in the hack of the DNC or had communicated with Wikileaks.

                    World War III Anyone? Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Is One Giant Leap Toward Armageddon


                      from Revolver News:

                      Oh no! In a mysterious mechanical failure, both Nord Stream pipelines through the Baltic Sea have suddenly ruptured, cutting off a major supply of natural gas from Russia to Europe and possibly causing an environmental disaster as well.

                      Who is responsible for this? Oh, come on, it’s not hard to take a guess.