Ukraine – Russia War: Is a Doomsday Scenario Looming? Or Is There Reason for Hope?


    by Peter Koenig, Global Research:

    Everybody predicts we are going to face an ice-cold winter in the Global North, especially in Europe and particularly in Ukraine. In the meantime, Russia is amassing along the northern Ukrainian border some half a million-plus troops and about 1,500 tanks and massive-massive artillery.

    Ukraine is already devastated by knocked out electricity, causing blackouts in about 60% of the country, no heating, due to lack of gas and petrol supplies from Russia and / or (auto-)destroyed internal delivery systems, with expected low sub-freezing temperatures of -15 degrees C and more, literally converting millions of people into refugees – towards western Europe.

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    The situation is already desperate. No Heat. No food. No energy. No light. Darkness and cold. Outright misery.

    It’s said, President Putin is just waiting for the ground to freeze solid, so Russian tanks and troops will not get stuck in the mud. Once that happens – he will command the Endgame.

    This is Putin’s last option. So, thinks former senior advisor to the US Secretary of Defense, Col. Doug Macgregor – see this interview with Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate.

    Former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, foresees a similar situation. The Russians have not changed objectives since the beginning of the war – denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, plus protecting the predominantly Russian Donbas Region and other Russian-rooted populations.

    No matter what the western mainstream media lies, President Putin has always instructed his generals to avoid targeting civilians, to minimize civilian casualties, and to the extent possible, protect civilian infrastructure. Knowing how the west would react and what western corrupted media would say, President Zelenskyy initiated a program of auto-destruction of everything, including killing his Ukrainian compatriots, accusing Russia. Western media complied. Anything goes, if it helps blaming and destroying Putin and Russia.

    The stated Russian goal of denazification and demilitarization is reasonable and would be achievable without constant NATO interference and arming of Ukraine, without non-stop blasting of Russia-Russia-Russia; and without blowing Zelenskyy’s ego out of any human proportion.

    Mr. Putin’s proposals for negotiations have been ignored or adamantly refused by Zelenskyy, the western bellboy, as the west is hellbent to destroy Russia and Putin in whatever ways possible. See this, Scott Ritter: “Ukraine cannot win this war. It’s a fantasy”.

    Since this is a western war of propaganda (John Pilger), propagating the obnoxiously stupid notion that Ukraine will win this war, there is no pressure from even reasonable westerners (sic) to bring the conflict to the negotiation-table.

    Hence, by the war-minded western journalists – main and off-mainstream – without much difference, Putin is showing with Russian troops and war material buildup along Ukraine’s northern frontier, his readiness for a final strike to end this war.

    Other journalists and war-luminaries move their thoughts and predictions in the same direction.

    The going narrative is, the west / NATO leaves Putin no choice, other than this devastating endgame situation.

    Under normal circumstances this might be a logical conclusion. But we are not living in a world of normal circumstances. We are living in a dystopian world, with dystopian people, who in their dystopian-think far prefer war to peace. Not only for the multi-billion-dollar war profits, but also – and maybe foremost – for the macho-type muscle flexing vis-à-vis Russia and all those no-good bandido-nations, who are still supporting Putin and Russia.

    Are these pundits truly thinking of the full picture? One may wonder about the potential consequences of a WWIII-scenario of such an attack, nuclear or non-nuclear; but, maybe more importantly, what is Ukraine for Russia?

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