Sunday, October 2, 2022

Chicago’s Pension Nightmare Is Wreaking Havoc On The City’s Housing Market

from ZeroHedge:

As a result of high taxes and government debt, combined with a nightmarish looming pension liability, Chicago’s housing market continues to collapse, according to a new write-up in the City Journal.

Average home prices in Chicago have still not recovered from the downturn that started in 2009, despite the fact that property taxes continue to climb. This is part of the reason Illinois ranks highest among states losing people to other areas of the country. Chicago homeowners are also taking big losses when they sell their homes.

Ball State economist Michael Hicks said last month: 

Former FBI Director James Comey Named In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed By Group Of Former FBI Recruits

by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Well, I can’t say this is surprising, but a female group of former FBI recruits filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation alleging that its 20-week training academy discriminated against women.

The training, which included firearms, academics, defensive tactics and navigating high-risk situations not only allegedly discriminated on the base of gender but also race.

FEMA Camps of the Mind

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

I have a friend, his name is Vance Davis. At one time,ance Davis existed in the upper levels of power in the world. He was an NSA agent attached to NATO. Of all the people I have known, Vance reshaped my world view. I came to fully understand Steve Quayle’s admonition that one cannot solve the dilemma that has become the New World Order, with physical strategies. Physical strategies must be employed, however, as Steve states “this is a spiritual war above all else”. When Steve made that statement on my radio show, I knew he was correct because I heard the same from my father (1984-1986). And then came along, Vance Davis.


by Claudio Grass, Claudio Grass:

In previous articles, we have outlined in great detail the many faults of the current monetary policy direction of major central banks and the large-scale economic impact of keeping interest rates artificially low. Among the worst offenders is the ECB, that is unapologetically persistent on continuing this exercise in absurdity that are negative interest rates. Over the last few years, the effects of this decision have been felt by pensioners and by responsible, conservative investors, who were forced to increase their risk in order to achieve reasonable returns. However, by now, we start to see the real-life implications and practical consequences of this policy direction affect every single normal citizen with a savings account.

Silver has bottomed and begun its rally, Gold and the Miners are not far behind – David Brady (31/05/2019)

by David Brady, Sprott Money:

Silver bottomed at 14.27 on Tuesday, May 28, imho. All we need for confirmation is a break of 14.63, the high on May 23.

Gold has to take out 1304 to confirm that the downtrend is done and we’re heading higher now. Until then, the risk of move down to test the 200-day and 200-week moving averages remains.

Miners will follow the metals. Silver miners in particular may have already seen their lows.

Gold Backed Global Trade Cryptocurrency: A Strand of 3 Is Difficult to Break

by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Malaysia makes the third nation to float the idea of a gold backed trade note or cryptocurrency for global trade settlement.

Venezuela, who first demanded a return of their gold, suddenly found themselves having all kinds of monetary problems just about the same time as their gold landed in Venezuela. Then President Chavez died of cancer and Maduro took the reigns of the most prosperous nation in South America. Venezuela is floating on an ocean of oil – the largest proven reserves in the world. It’s not the best oil, but it is cheap enough that the grade is secondary to the cost.

“It’s All A Fraud”: Deceptive Edits Found In Mueller Report

from ZeroHedge:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Saturday called for the immediate release of “all backup and source information” for the Mueller report after internet sleuth @almostjingo (Rosie Memos) discovered that the special counsel’s office deceptively edited content which was then cited as evidence of possible obstruction.

It’s all a fraud” tweeted Nunes, replying to a tweet by @JohnWHuber (Undercover Huber), who also posted a comparison between the Mueller report and a newly released transcript of a November 2017 voicemail message left by former Trump lawyer John Dowd, in which he asked former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s attorney for a “heads up” if Flynn was planning on saying anything that might damage the president.

We Build The Wall org given “green light” to restart construction of border barrier after Leftists fail to derail the effort

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

With Democrats, some Republicans, and Obama judges on federal courts aligned against POTUS Donald Trump’s efforts to build new walls along the U.S.-Mexico border, a private organization has stepped in to erect new barriers were it can.

We Build The Wall, a group started by triple amputee and U.S. Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage, began construction of a half-mile section of new wall on private property over the Memorial Day holiday where hundreds of illegal aliens and tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of drugs were crossing into nearby El Paso, Texas, on a daily basis.

U.S. Silver Exports To India Explode Past Six Months

by Steve St. Angelo, SRSRocco Report:

While silver investment demand in the West continues to remain weak, Indians are purchasing the white shiny metal hand over fist.  In just the past six months, U.S. silver exports to India have exploded to record highs.  Yes, there is no better way of putting it if we compare how little silver India imported from the United States during the previous six month period.

Edward Snowden: With Technology, Institutions Have Made ‘Most Effective Means of Social Control in the History of Our Species’

by Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams:

NSA whistleblower says “new platforms and algorithms” can have direct effect on human behavior

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said Thursday that people in systems of power have exploited the human desire to connect in order to create systems of mass surveillance.

Snowden appeared at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia via livestream from Moscow to give a keynote address for the Canadian university’s Open Dialogue Series.

Right now, he said, humanity is in a sort of “atomic moment” in the field of computer science.