Saturday, November 26, 2022

YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger video channel; deletes over 1700 videos in latest politically motivated censorship purge

by Mike Adams, Natural News:

In the latest gross violation of free speech committed by radical left-wing tech giants, YouTube has now deleted the entire Health Ranger video channel, wiping out over 1,700 videos covering everything from nutrition, natural medicine, history, science and current events.

Over the last two weeks, YouTube has been on a censorship rampage that’s apparently run by the SPLC, a radical left-wing hate group that despises Christianity, the Second Amendment and patriots in particular. Hundreds of prominent conservative video channels have been targeted for termination by YouTube, leading many independent media leaders like myself to call for government regulation of YouTube to protect free speech and end the tyranny.

“It’s just so ironic because our videos are getting flagged for harassment and bullying… That’s the excuse they use to take them down, and eventually take the channel down,” explained Paul Joseph Watson in a Breitbart News Daily interview.

InfoWars’ channel also taken down less than 24 hours earlier

“Conservatives across the internet – including Christian and pro-Second Amendment groups – are being banned by the anti-free speech authoritarians at Google, YouTube, and Facebook in a concerted effort to shut down points of view they don’t agree with,” warns InfoWars, which was also banned at nearly the same time as the Health Ranger account.

Alex Jones has issued an emergency broadcast detailing how their channel was completely wiped out by YouTube, even after YouTube claimed they had “accidentally” banned conservative channels:

Understand that this is the opening salvo of the WAR against America

What you need to understand about what’s happening is that this is the opening salvo of an actual war that the Left will soon take kinetic. First, they silence all the pro-America voices across the ‘net. Then they stage another mass shooting false flag and use it to abolish the Second Amendment. At this point, you have no First Amendment rights left, and you have no Second Amendment ability to defend yourself against left-wing tyrants. From here, they then fabricate fake accusations against their political targets and call for their arrest, knowing that people who have been silenced have no way to defend themselves against false accusations, as they’ve all been silenced by decree.

The evil Left won’t stop at merely silencing their political opponents, of course. They won’t even stop at taking away all your firearms. What they ultimately want is to steal your country out from under you and turn America into a left-wing totalitarian regime… a police state where all dissenting views are criminalized and oppressed.

The Orwellian “thought control” police state is here NOW, as demonstrated by YouTube’s take down of the entire Health Ranger channel for no justifiable reason whatsoever. Yet the Health Ranger account is just one of hundreds (or thousands) that have been terminated in the last two weeks by YouTube totalitarians. This means something much bigger is coming, and they want to make sure the independent media is silenced and unable to speak… (my prediction is that a massive false flag attack is being planned that will double down on the call to abolish the Second Amendment).

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UNTOUCHABLE: James Comey Walks Away Free & Clear from Durham, Barr Probe of FBI Spying on Trump

from True Pundit:

For people thinking — or have been mislead to think — that  former and fired FBI director James Comey will be wearing handcuffs for his role in the FBI’s spying on President Trump and his presidential campaign — think again. Listen Above

Thomas Paine details that Comey is the latest top official to earn a get-out-of-jail-free card from U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham. The revelations are troubling per details on the Thomas Paine Podcast.

Google, Mozilla Blacklist Gab’s ‘Dissenter’ Free Speech Browser Extension

by Lucas Nolan, Breitbart:

Both Google and Mozilla have banned Gab’s extension from their browsers’ extension stores. Dissenter’s mission is to bring a free speech comment system to every site on the Internet.

The developers at Gab recently launched a new platform called Dissenter, which acts as a comment system for every website on the internet. Dissenter has a web interface, but also created an extension for popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Now both companies, which together hold a large majority of the PC browser market, have blacklisted the Dissenter extension from their browser extension galleries.

Brave Preparing to Launch Privacy-Focused Search Engine

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The legendary Brendan Eich is preparing to launch a privacy-focused search engine called Tailcat that has been built from scratch and will have its own organic results instead of just indexing Bing results as is predominantly done with DuckDuckGo.

The need has never been greater as Bing in recent months has started purging their results of factually correct but politically incorrect content just like Google, which in turn has caused DuckDuckGo’s results to go rapidly downhill.

Does Russophobia Draw Us Closer to Our Doom?

by Martin Berger, New Eastern Outlook:

In a number of articles penned by yours truly for New Eastern Outlook there was a handful of points related to a possible war between the US and Russia.

However, as tensions between the two states continue flaring up due to the mindless anti-Russian stance of the Trump administration, this topic remains just as relevant, despite the apparent absurdity of the notion that either of the two major nuclear powers can hope to win anything in what can be easily described as a nuclear Armageddon. In spite of the first few modest steps towards deescalation made by  US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit, there’s no clear way of defusing the situation due to ongoing Russophobic hysteria among Western elites, notes Counter Punch. Washington is in desperate need of an enemy to cry wolf over, as this approach has proven to be extremely profitable for American arms manufacturers.

Only Adult Children Still Believe US Propaganda

by Edward Curtin, Off Guardian:

Veteran OffG contributor Edward Curtin shares his interpretation of the conflict in Ukraine

It should now be quite clear to any reasonable person that the Biden administration is hell-bent on destroying Russia and will risk nuclear war in doing so.  It has already started World War III with its use of Ukraine to light the final match.

Who Bought the $5 Trillion Piled on the Monstrous US National Debt in 15 Months?

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

A burning question in these crazy times.

The US gross national debt outstanding has ballooned by over $5 trillion since early March 2020, to $28.4 trillion, where it has been stuck since August 1 when the debt-ceiling farce recommenced.

The burning question is who the heck bought these Treasury securities and who is holding them, given that everyone who is buying any of them now is getting crushed by historically steep negative “real” yields, with CPI inflation outrunning even the 30-year Treasury yield by 3.5 percentage points.

How Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election

by Whitney Webb, MintPress News:

As World War II drew to a close in Europe, British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote that “neither a man nor a crowd nor a nation can be trusted to act humanely or to think sanely under the influence of a great fear.”

Though numerous examples in the post-World War II era have proven Russell’s point, perhaps one of the best examples was the U.S. public’s willingness to swallow lie after lie about Saddam Hussein’s Iraq due to the climate of fear that followed the September 11 attacks. Those lies, propagated by dubious intelligence, government officials and a compliant media, resulted in catastrophes – large and small, both abroad and at home.

IT’S TIME! #NewQ #GreatAwakening

from Neon Revolt:

Rats fleeing a sinking ship, trying to save themselves, now that it’s clear their Obamessiah can do nothing for them! The writing is on the wall, and this is the smartest possible move they could make right now.

As for what we’re leading up to: we are leading up to the release of the full IG report, the end of the “muh Russian collusion” witch hunt, the dovetailing with Huber’s investigation, going after the “13 Angry Democrats,” and the unsealing of 30,000+ indictments before Military Tribunals and GITMO!

BREAKING: SWAT Team Moves In As Spring Breakers Commit Violence, Destroy Restaurants…City of Miami Beach Declares State of Emergency [VIDEO]

by Patty McMurray, The Gateway Pundit:

SWAT Teams and several local law enforcement officers are moving in to get a massive crowd of Spring Breakers under control after they refused to abide by an 8 pm curfew set by the city of Miami as part of a state of emergency declared by Miami’s Mayor Dan Gelber.

As impeachment fever grips Washington, Ukraine reopens Biden probe following Trump’s demands

from RT:

As Democrats clamor to impeach President Donald Trump for allegedly pressuring Ukraine into probing the Biden family, Kiev’s top prosecutor announced that he will reopen the investigation.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka announced on Friday that he will review 15 high-profile corruption cases. Among them is an investigation into the owner of energy firm Burisma, which paid former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter $50,000 per month to sit on its board for five years, despite his lack of qualifications in the field.

America Preparing “Bloody Nose” Military Attack On North Korea: Telegraph

from ZeroHedge:

While North Korea managed to once again drop off the list of immediate geopolitical concerns having kept relative quiet in recent weeks, without any notable provocations or ICBM launches, this may be changing soon, because according to the Telegraph, America is drawing up plans for a “bloody nose” military attack on North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons program. The UK newspaper’s sources claim that the White House has “dramatically” stepped up preparation for a military solution in recent months amid fears diplomacy is not working. As a result, one option currently under consideration is destroying a launch site before it is used by the regime for a new missile test. Stockpiles of weapons could also be targeted.

The explanation for what would be an act of war, is amusing: “The hope is that military force would show Kim Jong-un that America is “serious” about stopping further nuclear development and trigger negotiations.” Well, yes: launching an offensive war does tend to confirm that one is indeed serious. The question is what will China, Russia and the rest of the all too serious world do in response.

“The Pentagon is trying to find options that would allow them to punch the North Koreans in the nose, get their attention and show that we’re serious”, said one former US security official briefed on policy.

Some further details:

Donald Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian government airfield earlier this year to defend America’s “red line” on chemical weapons use is seen as a blueprint.  Details have emerged after this newspaper talked to around a dozen current and former officials in America and Britain about policy towards North Korea.

The conversations show that the Trump administration is more willing to consider military options to end the conflict than widely assumed. 

And while it will hardly come as a major surprise, the Telegraph notes that it can be revealed that senior British diplomats fear America has already begun a “step by step” military build-up in the region that could escalate.

Alastair Morgan, the UK ambassador to North Korea, visited Washington DC for behind-closed-doors talks about forcing the regime to the negotiating table last month.  The UK is also urging Southeast Asian and African countries to expel some North Korean diplomats amid fears they are secretly financing the regime.

Meanwhile, in a continuation of a previous US demand, the Trump administration wants North Korean ships to be stopped and searched amid fears they are being used to get round UN sanctions.

The urgency behind the plan, and the pressure to act comes from the drop in estimated time it will take for North Korea to develop a missile that could hit America with nuclear weapons.

Just a few years ago it was believed the regime was a decade away from that point, but now the figure has dropped to as little as 18 months – though estimates vary.  Senior figures in the Trump administration have made clear in public that it would be unacceptable for North Korea to reach that position.  While Mr Trump has always said a “military option” is on the table, the administration’s focus has been on building economic and diplomatic pressure.  


But Mr Kim’s refusal to negotiate has left senior White House figures disillusioned with diplomacy and increasingly considering military avenues.  One British source who recently attended a briefing with H.R. McMaster, Mr Trump’s national security adviser, and other officials left feeling alarmed. 

“The Americans said deterrence doesn’t work against North Korea and negotiation doesn’t work,” the source said. 

“Those who heard them left with the impression that military action is very much an option they were considering seriously.”

Kori Schake, a former director of defense strategy at the White House’s National Security Council who served under George W Bush, said military action is a real possibility. “The White House very strongly believes that either North Korea will agree to give up its nuclear weapons or we will launch a preventative attack to destroy them,” she said.  “I would put the odds of them actually carrying that out at three in 10. Other policy experts say it is four in ten.”

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