Sunday, May 22, 2022

Dr Fauci’s Wife Drafted The Policy To Intimidate Vaccine Resistors

from Great Game India:

It was Dr Fauci’s wife who drafted the policy to intimidate vaccine resistors. The newly discovered document comes amid debate over Fauci’s choice to support research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology on “killer” bat coronaviruses.

Anthony Fauci’s wife, who also heads the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center’s Department of Bioethics, wrote an article justifying the morality of firms “pressuring employees to get vaccinated” and “embarrass[ing] vaccine resistors.”

Hugely Unpopular WHO Holds Emergency Monkeypox Meeting: Human Rights Expected To Be Deprived

from Tim Truth:


Declaration of 60+ Global Public Health and Policy Leaders Oppose New Binding International Health Regulations

by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

U.S. Proposal to Empower World Health Organization (WHO) Would Violate Nations’ Sovereignty & Citizens’ Freedom

IDAHO, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2022 / — Defending individuals’ health freedom and self-determination – and protecting national sovereignty – is the aim of the World Freedom Declaration signed by 30 organizations and 33 leaders from around the globe objecting to proposed U.S. amendments to the International Health Regulations.

CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads is back to update us from the frontlines of medicine and the growing problems of CV19 vax induced AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).   Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines,” and new data is showing the injections are causing the explosion of many types of extreme disease.  We start with a recent patient Dr. Eads has that got her CV19 booster, and not long after that got cancer.  Dr. Eads says, “I basically told her this is most likely vaccine induced cancer.  We know cancers are up, according to Dr. Ryan Cole and several other pathologists . . . They are up close to  2,000%. . . . I told her to find an oncologist . . . who is awake to those types of aggressive cancers.  I am seeing a lot of unusual cancers, and so is Dr. Ryan Cole.”

COVID-19 Pandemic Could Have Emerged Due to US Experiments on Viruses, Prof Says

from Sputnik News:

Scientists have not been able to reach an agreement on the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. While it is widely believed that the deadly virus originated from a wet market in Wuhan, others insist that COVID-19 was man-made, and the pandemic was the result of a laboratory leak.
US experiments on viruses that could jump from animals to people might have contributed to the emergence of coronavirus, Professor Jeffrey Sachs wrote in his article for PNAS journal.

Monkeypox Outbreak Good For Fauci: Fauci Has “Vaccine” Ready For Outbreak

from Stew Peters Network:


The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

by Dr. Igor Shepherd, Lew Rockwell:

Over two years have gone by since the Covid-19 staged PSYOP was thrust onto the world’s population, fooling the masses into believing that a phony virus (and all its hokey counterparts) existed and that a new type of vaccine was the only answer in saving humanity. At that time, in November, 2020, right before the Covid-19 vaccines were dispensed onto the public, I spoke out and forewarned that the mRNA technology within the vaccines made them bioweapons, and that millions would be harmed and die if they took the injections. Time has proven me right.

Latest CDC data confirms Fully Vaccinated 5 to 11-year-olds have a higher Covid-19 infection rate than their Unvaccinated Peers

by Rhoda Wilson, Expose News:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has revealed that fully vaccinated 5 to 11-year-old children have been more likely to be infected with Covid-19 than unvaccinated children of the same age since early February 2022, and the gap between the two groups is widening by the week.

Thousands of Deaths and Adverse Reactions Deleted From VAERS

by Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola:

  • The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was created as an early warning system to identify vaccines that may be triggering a higher than expected number of adverse events
  • Publicly available VAERS data clearly reveal that the COVID shots are the most dangerous “vaccine” ever created, accounting for more injuries and deaths than all previous conventional vaccines combined over the last three decades
  • Data analyst Albert Benavides has been analyzing VAERS data since the release of these novel shots. According to Benavides, at least 10,000 reports of death or serious injury following COVID “vaccination” have vanished since the rollout of the shots — and they were not duplicate reports, which is a common “explanation” for their removal
  • About 2% of all COVID jab-related reports are deaths, and about 5% of death-related reports are being deleted
  • Only the initial VAERS reports are available to the public. Updated reports are only viewable internally. That means we have no way of knowing how many of those who were injured have since died from those injuries. This is a loophole that can make a vaccine appear less deadly than it actually is

Texas Supreme Court Rules Child Gender Transitions Can Be Investigated As Child Abuse

by Charlotte Pence Bond, Daily Wire:

In February, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) directed family protective agencies to begin investigating child gender transition treatments as child abuse. Last week, the Texas state Supreme Court ruled that those investigations may continue, but they won’t be compulsory.  

As The Daily Wire previously reported, on February 22, Abbott wrote a letter to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), stating, “The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has now confirmed in the enclosed opinion that a number of so-called ‘sex change’ procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law.”

FDA is “rotten to the core,” says Dr. Robert Malone – the agency knew all along that covid “vaccines” cause viral replication

by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

World-renowned vaccinologist and physician Dr. Robert Malone is speaking out about how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew all along that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” spur viral reactivation of diseases like the varicella-zoster virus (shingles), but chose to withhold this information from the public.

Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by Del Bigtree along with fellow Global COVID Summit physicians Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Richard Urso, Malone, the original inventor of messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccination technology, exposed the FDA as a corrupt federal agency that continues to lie about Fauci Flu shots.

U.S. Govt Purchases Millions of Monkey and Small Pox Shots

from Stew Peters Network:


This monkeypox scenario below was run last year. Notice dates of hypothetical attack. It’s a plan as far as I am concerned.