Monday, April 15, 2024



A Top Russian Official Quoted The Book Of Revelation To Describe What Will Soon Happen To America


    by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

    The Russians continue to threaten us with nuclear annihilation.  Why are so few people in the western world alarmed by this?  I think it is because our leaders are assuring everyone that the Russians are all talk and that the odds of a nuclear war actually happening are extremely low.  Meanwhile, both sides just continue to take steps to escalate the war in Ukraine.  We are engaged in an extremely bizarre game of “nuclear chicken”, and both sides truly believe that the other side will blink first.  And so we continue to creep closer and closer to a cataclysmic nuclear conflict, and once the missiles start flying there will be no turning back.

    Human Cyborgs are Just the Beginning.


      by Robert W Malone MD, MS, Who Is Robert Malone:

      Ever since I wrote the substack article on human augmentation and the UK Ministry of Defence and the German Military Complex , discussing that these two organizations advocate for human augmentation in a report entitled “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm“, I have been wondering if the US government, that is to say the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the Administrative State which controls it, has developed similar plans.

      Active duty Army Ranger who set physical fitness records in the 75th Ranger Regiment died of “natural causes” last week.


        Pilot Program Gives 2000 Actors, Musicians, Painters, and Writers Universal Basic Income for 3 Years


          by BN Frank, Activist Post:

          Years ago, tech inventers proposed that citizens worldwide be provided with Universal Basic Income (UBI) because they were afraid of what could happen when their innovations replace most human jobs.  Since then, countless more jobs have been lost to automation and/or robots (see 12, 3) and more job loss is expected.  UBI pilot programs have been introduced but also remain controversial and recently another one was announced in Ireland for artists.

          90% of State Legislators Born Outside of the US are Democrats


            by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

            A story by Axios highlighted how of the nearly 300 foreign-born state legislators holding office across the United States, roughly 90% are Democrats.

            Axios drew this story from a report the New American Leaders group conducted which showed that the bulk of newly elected foreign-born state legislators belong to the Democratic Party. More importantly, they represent Democrat districts.

            Study: Some Organ Recipients Rejecting Transplant After Covid Vaccine


              by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

              “Some transplant recipients are rejecting their new organ and scientists say the coronavirus vaccine may be to blame,” WISH TV reports.


              “The Science” is collapsing in New Zealand as covid-19 mandates are rolled back


                by Lance D Johnson, DC Clothesline:

                On September 13, 2022, the New Zealand government announced that they will be rolling back covid-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates. “The Science” is suddenly collapsing in New Zealand, as the population exits its state of mass psychosis and learns to reject new vaccine booster programs, forced masks and social distancing.

                New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “It’s time to safely turn the page on our COVID-19 management and live without the extraordinary measures we have previously used.” She said the rollback on restrictions and mandates is a “milestone” and now the population can “move forward with certainty.”

                CDC chief admits agency gave false info about vaccine-safety monitoring


                  from WND:

                  But Rochelle Walensky still silent about harm caused by shots

                  The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System was established by the CDC and the FDA as a “national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S.-licensed vaccines.”

                  “Prologue To Third World War”: Kremlin Reacts To Security Guarantees For Ukraine


                    by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

                    Ukraine wants a ‘NATO-esque’ bloc which can be called upon to immediately defend borders with Russia, which was proposed by a working group established by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

                    Crucially it would include the United States and other NATO allies providing Ukraine with “security guarantees”.  Kiev officials stressed in unveiling the plan Tuesday that it’s not meant as a replacement for NATO, but as a legally binding alliance to be in place while Ukraine eventually pursues full NATO membership, as Newsweek describes of the proposal: