U.S. Government’s Remote and Wireless Mind-Reading and Mind-Controlling Technologies


    by Robert L. Kinney III, American Thinker:

    In recent years there has been a significant amount of reporting about the supposed efforts of non-government companies to achieve “mind reading” and “mind control.” The technologies used by those companies often, if not always, require brain surgery to implant some sort of small device. The companies making those devices are commonly known enough to not require mention here.

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    What is much less discussed though, are the technologies which can “mind read” and be used for “mind control” and do not require surgery or an implanted device anywhere in the body and/or brain. Such technologies are sometimes described as “non-invasive” technologies.

    Americans should pay close attention to the U.S. government’s collaboration with scientists to develop non-invasive and remote mind reading and mind controlling technologies—especially the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), the Department of Energy, and others.

    Americans might want to know about DARPA scientists describing very small substances like “graphene” which could help with said technologies. It is not clear if graphene or other very small electromagnetic transducers (also known as “nanotechnologies”) can enter the brain through consumption of food, drinking water, or other substances. Also, naturally occurring and synthetic iron nanoparticles are used by scientists for mind-controlling technologies. (The human brain cannot function without iron.)

    Non-government scientists, even from Harvard University, have described technologies which “read our minds” by measuring “brain activity” and are used to attempt to determine a person’s intentions. It is necessary to emphasize that mind reading technologies which measure brain activity are described by scientists as collecting “biometric data.” Common sense suggests that brain, or neurological, activity is also biological data.

    In other words, it has been accepted and reportedly scientifically proven that mind reading and mind controlling with technology has been achieved to a certain extent. At one time in history one would be accused of mental illness if one simply wonder if, for example, medical technologies like electroconvulsive therapy could be improved and used as a type of mind controlling technology, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could be improved and used as a type of mind reading technology.

    But there is another significant point which is often ignored about mind-reading and mind-controlling technologies which do not require surgery and are “non-invasive” methods. These technologies often utilize some sort of energy found on the electromagnetic spectrum—this includes radiofrequency waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, x-rays, gamma rays, etc. For example, non-invasive mind reading and controlling technologies sometimes use near-infrared electromagnetic energy. Others use functional magnetic resonance imaging, or “fMRI.”

    One group of brain scientists has been working on technologies which utilize infrared technologies which “can penetrate the skull” in order “to transmit visual images perceived by one individual into the minds of blind patients.” Such technologies are a type of mind controlling technology. And the technology does not require surgery.

    A more technical explanation is not going to be discussed here; the point to emphasize is that mind reading and mind controlling technologies utilize electromagnetic energy and those technologies do not necessarily require surgical implantation of a neural technology.

    Now, one might know from experience that electromagnetic energy can be operated from miles away from a targeted location and go through buildings, homes, cars, and so on. Radios and other electronic devices work based on those technologies.

    Similarly, the U.S. government has developed “directed energy weapons” and “directed energy systems” which utilize the same technologies—technologies on the electromagnetic spectrum—which can be operated from miles away from a target, can be directed at a person’s brain, and are known to affect a person’s brain.

    In other words, such directed energy weapons and systems, which were reportedly known about since at least around or before the 1960s, can be used as mind controlling technologies. (As will be mentioned in a moment, such facts should have been enough for politicians to enact strict laws against those technologies, but it appears as though such laws do not exist.)

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