From the Arab Platoon to Hamas—Israel’s “Abu Nidal” Strategy


    by James Perloff, James Perloff:

    Acts of terror have been carried out by people of many nationalities and ideologies. But contrary to the mainstream media’s spin, since World War II Israel has probably been the world’s number-one sponsor of terrorism, implemented “by way of deception”—words from the motto of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service. These acts have almost invariably been executed in a way that Arabs would be blamed. This has included, for example:

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    ● The King David Hotel bombing. After World War II, the British continued governing Palestine, with their administrative, military and police headquarters in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel. Zionists wanted Britain to exit Palestine so they could proclaim Israel a nation. In 1946, members of Irgun, an Israeli terrorist group, entered the King David dressed as Arabs. They brought in explosives, concealed in milk cans, and blew up the hotel, leaving 91 dead and many others mutilated. This was one of numerous Zionist terrorist acts against the British, who got the message and departed.

    ● In the 1954 Lavon Affair, the Israelis instructed operatives in Egypt to blow up American and British civilian targets, with the intent of blaming it on Egyptians and Muslims. Some of the bombs detonated prematurely, however, and the plot failed.

    ● In its infamous 1967 attack, the Israeli military attempted to sink the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean, hitting her with rockets and napalm, and finally firing torpedoes and even machine-gunning the launched lifeboats. They killed 34 U.S. sailors and wounded more than 170. This was during the Six Day War; the Israelis flew in unmarked planes, intending to blame the attack on Egypt so the United States would enter the war on their side. Fortunately, the Liberty remained afloat, and the survivors lived to tell their story. Their website is

    ● In 1986, U.S. soldiers were frequenting a Berlin discotheque called La Belle. One night a bomb tore through it, killing two American servicemen and wounding over 50 others. U.S. intelligence then intercepted radio messages, originating in Libya, that congratulated alleged perpetrators of the crime. In response, President Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya. But in his book The Other Side of Deception, former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed that the Mossad originated the radio signals from a transmitter they had planted in Libya, completely deceiving U.S. intelligence.1

    ● Here whistleblower Annie Machon of MI5 (Britain’s equivalent of the FBI) describes the 1994 bombing of the Israeli embassy in London as actually being perpetrated by Mossad in order to blame Palestinians (2 minutes; you may need to click more than once to play):

    ● Then, of course, is the mother of them all, 9/11, covered with Zionist-Israeli fingerprints. 9/11 led to the many unnecessary Middle East wars which were already foreknown in 2001. Those wars in turn helped produce the migrant crisis ravaging Europe and America today.

    What must not be overlooked in all of this is the ability of Israel’s sophisticated intelligence services to penetrate Arab groups.  Author Alan Hart, former correspondent for BBC Panorama specializing in the Middle East, said in an interview with Kevin Barrett in 2010:

    Now it’s not a secret—I detail it in my book—from almost the moment Israel was born, it had its agents penetrating every Arab government, every Arab military organization, and every Arab terrorist group, whatever.2

    In his 750-page book Rise and Kill First: The History of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations, Israeli author Ronen Bergman writes:

    The Arab Platoon was established when the Haganah [Zionist paramilitary organization] decided it needed a nucleus of trained fighters who could operate deep inside enemy lines, gathering information, carrying out sabotage and targeted killing missions. The training of its men—most of them [Jewish] immigrants from Arab lands—included commando tactics and explosives, but also intensive study of Islam and Arab customs. They were nicknamed Mistaravim, the name by which Jewish communities went in some Arab countries, where they practiced the Jewish religion, but were similar to Arabs in all other respects—dress, language, social customs, etc.3

    In his book Half Truth, Pakistani author Ferrukh Mir writes:

    Veteran Pakistani columnist Jabbar Mirza (The Jang; Urdu daily) recalls during the Afghan war of the eighties, he and slain governor of NWFP, General Fazal-e-Haq, were sitting in General Haq’s official residence, governor house Peshawar. Different official and non-official figures were visiting the governor one after the other. Meanwhile two tribesmen dressed in traditional Pashtun dresses and wearing long beards entered the room and started talking with the governor frankly in excellent local Pashtu accent. Mirza recalls, it was surprising for him that a governor, who was famous for his high-headedness, was talking to ordinary tribesmen very politely. After their departure the general asked, do you know who they were? They were Israelis (Mossad), who are training the Afghans inside Afghanistan and are fighting against the Russians.4

    But it is the terrorist Abu Nidal who this post will principally focus on. A few readers may recall Oliver North‘s somewhat famous Congressional testimony about a security system installed at his home due to Abu Nidal threatening his life (less than 2 minutes):

    (The full 8-minute clip can be seen at

    Born in 1937, Nidal was the illegitimate son of a wealthy Palestinian orange grower. By the 1980s he had become the poster boy for terrorism. He oversaw a vast terrorist organization, recruits who committed assassinations, massacres, and airliner hijackings. He did not operate out of Palestine, but out of host Arab nations, each of whom eventually expelled him.

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