Why the elites hate, fear and endlessly persecute Donald J. Trump


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    David Kupelian shines a bright light on today’s sociopathic ruling class

    A little over a year from now, Americans will have the opportunity to choose not only their next president, but their national destiny. It’s that serious.

    As things currently stand, their choice will be between two men: One has already proven, as president, that he has contempt for America and her people and fully intends to dismantle the greatest nation in history. The other has likewise proven, as president, that he loves America and Americans, and fully intends to restore their nation to its former greatness.

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    Yet the outcome of this essentially good-versus-evil contest is currently very much in doubt. How can that be?

    Let’s set the stage by briefly widening our focus and honestly considering the era in which we now live:

    TRENDING: Why the elites hate, fear and endlessly persecute Donald J. Trump

    Two and a half centuries after being founded by visionary, God-fearing patriots, the United States of America is currently being seduced, betrayed, robbed and ruined by an elite ruling class consisting largely of power-addicted sociopaths.

    The current U.S. president, Joe Biden, is a criminal – in fact, he’s the patriarch (“big guy”) of an entire crime family. Their influence-peddling operations, through which many family members have raked in millions of dollars selling access to Biden to foreign actors – including major adversaries China and Russia – are now well-documented and indisputable, leading members of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment, and some congressmen and veteran analysts even to accuse Biden of the high crime of treason.

    Moreover, Biden’s perverse policies in every area – from intentionally destroying America’s energy sector to intentionally engineering a massive foreign invasion of America – are degrading the nation at breathtaking speed.

    And of course, the election process by which the obviously incompetent and mentally impaired Biden became leader of the free world in 2020 was egregiously compromised – which is to say, rigged – a fact every politically aware American now knows to be true, thanks to recent revelations confirming epic collusion between the FBI and Big Tech in suppressing extremely negative news about Biden shortly before the election.

    The Democrats’ previous presidential contender in 2016, Hillary Clinton, is likewise epically corrupt and criminal. “No one has even come close in recent years to enriching themselves on the scale of the Clintons while they or a spouse continued to serve in public office,” reveals respected author-journalist Peter Schweitzer in “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Business Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.”

    Before Biden and Clinton, America had to endure eight years of Barack Obama, a quintessentially amoral, “end-justifies-the means” Marxist radical who employed all the far left’s revolutionary warfare tactics espoused by his mentor, “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky. Propelled to the White House on promises that “America’s first black president” would heal any remaining racial tensions in America, Obama did precisely the opposite, continually fomenting, exacerbating and flat-out manufacturing racial hatreds where few or none existed.

    Barack Obama inflicted more genuine, lasting harm on America than any president in the history of the republic. At least, until Joe Biden became the puppet head of what many call “Obama’s third term.”

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