Biden’s Pied Pipers Dropped Trump Indictment to Distract From Bribery Bombshell


    by JD Rucker, Discern Report:

    The UniParty Swamp no longer even pretends to play fair or be honest. Today’s indictment announcement by President Donald J. Trump came at the exact moment the Biden-Harris regime and their puppet masters wanted it to drop.

    Instead of conservative and alternative media getting the word out about the bombshell reports against the Biden Crime Family, all of the air will be sucked out of newsrooms to focus on the Trump indictment.

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    They don’t want you talking about “Second Biden Campaign Co-Chair Implicated In Hunter Biden Donations And Ukraine Lobbying.” They don’t want you watching “Boebert Reacts to FD-1023 Form on Biden Family: There Was a $5 Million Payment Made to Joe Biden.” They don’t want you remembering the denials, “Biden Asked About Bribery Accusations: ‘It’s a Bunch of Malarkey’.”

    They just want us focused on the perversion of justice being perpetrated against Donald Trump. And it’ll work. This is the topic that will dominate right-leaning media for days, right on cue. As I noted before the indictment announcement, the radical left has the will to play as dirty as they please while patriots try to play by a set of rules. It won’t work.

    To any skeptics who think the timing is just a coincidence like all of the other properly timed news releases over the past decade or so, let me clue you in. The indictment has no meaningful shelf life. They’ve been sitting on it for weeks. They sit on many stories that can be leaked or released when they need a bad story to get buried. This is what happens every single time.

    Every. Single. Time.

    Stay focused on the Biden Crime Family crimes. Don’t let this change the conversation from the one we need to have to the one they want us to have. Trump will be fine with or without your attention. He has all the attorneys he needs. Don’t follow Biden’s Pied Piper over the cliff.

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