Orwellian Censorship Ramped Up To The Next Level As Eugenicists Within The US Govt Want To Make It Impossible For Americans To Know That This Very Moment, They’re Murdering Our Children And Carrying Out Their ‘Depopulation Agenda’


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    – ‘Hell on Earth awaits our children and grandchildren if we don’t put a stop to this’

    According to this new story over at Mercola that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday morning, if we stay upon the same path we’ve been on for the last decade+, there’ll be nothing that can stop outright hell upon Earth within the next 7 years, though much sooner than later as we’ll explore within this story, with the framework now put together to not only completely ‘eliminate‘ websites such as All News Pipeline, but imprison people for decades if they simply READ the ‘wrong‘ websites, websites which expose the endless heinous crimes of the globalists crime cabal now attempting to drive that final nail into ‘freedom.’

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    Meaning the devils in Washington DC have cooked up another devious scheme to take their censorship of Americans to the next level, while outright eliminating the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution in the process, imagine ‘mass murderers‘ having the power to make sure that NOBODY can report upon those mass killings, nor can anyone investigate those murderous crimes, with anybody who dares to do so being locked away for decades or even outright killed, under the ‘rule of law,‘ and you’ll see what’s dead ahead if Washington DC gets its way.

    With that devious scheme, that would be 100% proof that America had crossed over from being a free nation to being a full-scale tyranny, we’re going to go much deeper into Senate Bill 686 within this story because if passed by Congress and signed into law by ‘TRAITOR to America joe biden,‘ the potential of Americans getting locked away for 20 years or more for spreading what the globalists themselves, THE mass murderers, determine to be ‘disinformation‘ means they’ll continue to snuff people’s lives out with their mandated kill shots, and there’ll be nothing that Americans can do about it short of all-out revolution.

    Also ensuring that the never-ending stream of lies that we’ve been getting from the government and the mainstream media for the past several decades at least will be the ONLY information that we’re ‘allowed’ to get, as this Zero Hedge story from this past Thursday reports, the RESTRICT Act is nothing less than an attempt to bring in all-out Orwellian censorship to America, disguised as anti-TikTok legislation and ‘protecting the American people.’ From that story before we continue.:

    The RESTRICT Act, introduced by Sens. Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tom Thune (R-SD), is aimed at blocking or disrupting transactions and financial holdings linked to foreign adversaries that pose a risk to national security, however the language of the bill could be used to give the US government enormous power to punish free speech. 

    Warner, a longtime opponent of free speech who, as Michael Krieger pointed out in 2018 (and confirmed in the Twitter Files) pushed for the ‘weaponization’ of big tech, crafted the RESTRICT act to “take swift action against technology companies suspected of cavorting with foreign governments and spies, to effectively vanish their products from shelves and app stores when the threat they pose gets too big to ignore,” according to Wired. 

    Bad actors listed in the bill are; China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela. 

    In reality, the RESTRICT Act has very little to do with TikTok and everything to do with controlling online content

    In very specific terms a lot of U.S. websites would be impacted. Why? Because a lot of websites use third-party ‘plug-ins’ or ‘widgets’ or software created in foreign countries to support the content on their site. The “Restrict Act” gives the DNI the ability to tell a website using any “foreign content” or software; that might be engaged in platform communication the U.S Government views as against their interests; to shut down or face a criminal charge. In very direct terms, the passage of SB686 would give the Dept of Commerce, DNI and DHS the ability to shut down what you are reading right now. This is a big deal. –The Last Refuge 

    The RESTRICT Act can also be used to punish people using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) if they’re used to access banned websites, and directs the Secretary of Commerce to “identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, investigate, or otherwise mitigate” that which is deemed a national security risk associated with technology linked to the above countries. 

    Penalties include fines of up to $1 million or 20 years in prison, or both.

    Slammed by Senator Rand Paul as another move by the US government towards outright tyranny, we’re also warned in this story over at LewRockwell.com that this is nothing less than a ‘Patriot Act‘ for technology and the internet, moving us that much closer to the ‘hell on Earth‘ warned of in this Mercola story and ensuring that any website that doesn’t push the globalists lies is shut down, permanently.

    With the globalists long attempting to shut down websites that don’t push their never-ending lies seen perfectly in this March 23rd ANP story by Susan Duclos reporting on several more independent news websites that have recently had to shut down due to lack of funds to run them, we alarmingly have to report that ANP is in nearly the exact same boat as those websites were, our incoming revenue barely enough to keep a roof over our heads, much less our electric and cable bills paid, with your amazingly gracious donations to ANP the ONLY reason we are still online today.

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