OPERATION BABY BOOMER: The Khazarian Con of the 20th Century


    from State Of The Nation:

    A true story that’s really the story of every Baby Boomer
    I knew I was born into a real power family when it became apparent that my parents were both well aware of the plots to assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK before those US government-directed murders ever took place. They also had foreknowledge of the assassinations of both Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X.

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    However, my parents never knew that I knew these things about them.  Until my father recently passed, I kept this information and a lot of other radioactive info that I ‘acquired’ about them completely to myself.  After all, given all the CRAZY things that happened in my family as I was growing up, keeping certain secrets became a matter of life and death. 

    After a lifelong investigation of my father, I came to find out that he was an undercover FBI agent, that he belonged to the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II, and that he was both a Knight of Columbus and Knight of Malta.  Most significantly, my father was a high-ranking Freemason, operating at a level well above the 33rd degree.

    I also quite serendipitously found out that dad belonged to 4 or 5 other secret societies that are so secret their names appear nowhere on the Internet.  I never knew anyone kept secrets like my father did, and it was also this lifelong proclivity that drew my suspicions from my earliest ages.

    Dad’s extremely well-hidden “professional” relationship that he had with his brother, my godfather, is what really gave away the whole plot where it concerned their highly manipulative plan for me.  Fabricating rocky relationships is, after all, a tactic often used by the intelligence agencies to accomplish the most delicate of missions, especially the ones covertly carried out by my recently deceased uncle, who was known to me as “The Druggist”.  (Which is why this Intro is being posted only now.)  

    But perhaps it was dad’s biggest secret of all that ultimately exposed this “Greatest Psyop of the Century” to me and me alone.  How can anyone, who has painstakingly cultivated the reputation for being more Catholic than the pope — LITERALLY — ever keep his fidelity to Freemasonry, Talmudic roots and Pharisaical MO concealed?  In fact, everything points to ole dad being a crypto-Jewish operative in Catholic garb who was on the same fanatical mission every day of his lifetime. 

    As for my extremely street-smart mother, she was recruited to the C.I.A. in late 1940s not long after it was established.  Given her immediate family history and unique Roman ancestry, she was undoubtedly the perfect CIA agent to carry out her several ultra-secret assignments in the city where she lived most of her life.  

    After doing more precarious research on my mother I came to find out why she was so intimately involved in the workings of the local Sicilian Mafia in our hometown.  I also came to understand her deep connections (read: ancestral) to the Northern Italian Black Nobility.  This is really why so many complex conspiratorial plots thickened as they always did when I was watching them unfold back in the day.

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