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    That this epic beatdown even occurred at a US Senate hearing proves that extremely dangerous traitors now occupy the highest echelons of America’s treasonous ZOG!

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    Such a brutal truth-telling smackdown of a U.S. Department Secretary — during prime time in the Capitol — has never happened before.  That’s because a stone-cold traitor to the American Republic had never been caught in so many glaring acts of outright treason.  Because the ever-treacherous United States Secretary of Homeland Security — Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas — occupies such a critical position, his high crimes and highly consequential wrongdoings, catastrophic transgressions and utter lawlessness, gross misconduct and serial acts of corruption have put the American people in great jeopardy.

    How so?

    Because the deliberately kept open southern border is being used to transport millions of future bolsheviks into all 50 states to fight for the Democrat Party … after it is essentially outlawed as a communist-controlled terrorist organization and dangerous foreign enemy hellbent on irreversibly destroying these once United States of America—THAT’S HOW!

    The non-stop invasion of illegal aliens, drug mules, MS-13 gang members, ISIS & Al Qaeda terrorists, purposely released criminals, hardened thugs and violent miscreants — assembled from all over Central and South America — are nothing but cannon fodder for the Democrat’s long-planned bolshevik revolution.  Many of these mercenaries are also shipped in from all over the Middle East and Africa.  The CIA even has soldier-of-fortune recruiting stations covertly located all over the Caribbean to entice the many poverty-stricken youth plunged into despair by the engineered and ongoing Second Great Depression that the colluding MSM never talks about.

    The Democrats know they can no longer win elections legitimately (they really never could), so they will seize power — permanently — by all means necessary and any means possible.

    Submitted by Paul Revere
    SOTN Exclusive

    N.B. The video below may leave many viewers with the impression that the exploding fentanyl drug deaths in all 50 states, the increasing number of dead illegal aliens found in the border states, the rampant child migrant sexual abuse, the unmitigated level of human trafficking, the crime waves committed by released criminals throughout the entire Southwest and beyond, etc. are the main problems with Biden’s treasonous open border polices, and they certainly are HUGE.  However, our contention is that all of those shocking atrocities and outrageous scandals are but a meticulously-orchestrated cover-up for the real conspiratorial plot delineated above.  One wonders if even Senator Ted Cruz is a co-conspirator, whether wittingly or unwittingly.  In other words, why is the good senator from Texas not screaming his head off about the Gladio-style mercenary armies and countless terrorist cells being stealthily formed in cities across America at this very moment.

    If the this video exposé is not a HUGE wake-up call, what is?!?!?! 

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