Diversity Executives – The U.S. Version of Soviet Political Commissars


    by Ed Brodow, American Thinker:

    In the thrilling submarine movie, The Hunt for Red October, the authority of Russian sub captain Sean Connery is challenged by the political officer whose job is to ensure that the sub is run in accordance with Soviet party ideology. The man’s interference becomes so aggravating that Connery’s character kills him. We are facing a similar threat from a mountain of diversity executives.

    Employing significant numbers of diversity executives is all the rage. The average university, for example, now has 45.1 people dedicated to promoting diversity on campus. The University of Michigan has a whopping 163 diversity officers. That’s 2.3 diversity officers for every one member of its history faculty. Is it any wonder that college tuition has skyrocketed?

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    A political commissar or political officer is responsible for ideological conformity in military units to ensure party control of the unit. Political commissars were heavily used in the Soviet Red Army, as well as in the armed forces of Nazi Germany. The U.S. can now be added to the list.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) executives — our political commissars — are tasked with enforcing leftist policies in corporations, universities, and government agencies. They do not contribute to the competent functioning of those institutions and in fact may detract from their profitability and efficiency.

    A recent example is Stanford Law School, where the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion dean, Tirien A. Steinbach, encouraged students to prevent a federal judge from speaking at a university function. Court of Appeals Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan was invited by the student chapter of the conservative Federalist Society to address the student body at the prestigious law school. The judge was targeted by a group of leftist students because of his ruling on a transgender pedophile in 2020, where he refused to allow her bid to get her name changed. The protestors claimed the judge had committed crimes against women, gays, blacks, and trans people.

    Duncan was repeatedly shouted down and drowned out by the angry students who screamed that they hoped Duncan’s daughters would be raped. He was unable to give his prepared remarks. The behavior of the protesting students was a clear violation of the school’s free speech policy.

    Adding to the insanity was an impromptu lecture by Steinbach. Instead of calming the students down, the diversity executive piously lectured Judge Duncan for six minutes. She asserted that free speech did not justify giving Duncan a platform and scolded him for doing “harm” with his rulings. Steinbach deliberately subverted a critical takeaway for law students, namely learning how to be aware of opposing points of view. This does not bode well for the kind of lawyers that Stanford is turning out.

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