Big Pharma And The US Govt Carrying Out The Most Barbaric Crime In History Proven By These Numbers: Vax Death Count In One Year 5 Times Higher Than Deaths In 10 Years Of Vietnam War


    by Joel S. Hirschhorn, All News Pipeline:

    Assessing the costs of using the COVID vaccines is no easy task. Here are results of a new analysis.

    Former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his his analysts at the research firm, Phinance Technologies, published a report on the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine program in the United States for the year 2022.

    Mr. Dowd is a conservative analyst. A serious and sober-minded man, he is ruthless in eliminating biases and wild assumptions. He and his team have focused their research on the 148 million Americans (between the ages of 18-64) who are employed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles much data on this cohort, as does the life insurance industry, because many employed people receive policies as part of their compensation packages.

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    Mr. Dowd’s report is grim. As he encapsulated the results in a tweet:

    We should always focus on the human cost. The death of a single young person can devastate a family and even an entire community. 26.6 million injuries; 1.36 million disabilities; 300,000 excess deaths. Note that this death count in one year is 5.2 times the number of men killed in ten years of combat in Vietnam.

    Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this state of affairs is that most Americans don’t know it’s happening. Every day, young people are dying from heart attacks, strokes, and seizures caused by COVID-19 vaccines. Most of their families and friends are led to believe that they just died—suddenly and unexpectedly—of acute conditions that were extremely rare in young people prior to 2021.

    The full report can be found here.


    Virality Project as Public/Private Partnership to Ban Inconvenient Facts About COVID-19 – A powerful attempt to shut down free speech and maintain high COVID vaccine use 

    This is an article from Trial Site News, on which many of my articles are published after first appearing on this Substack site. A few of my personal thoughts are given in brackets. Few Americans are aware of the Virality Project and its aim to stop people like me from spreading the truth about COVID vaccines and to stop people like you from learning the truth.

    “The Virality Project is a coalition of research entities focused on supporting real-time information exchange between the research community, public health officials, government agencies, civil society organizations and social media platforms. Our objective is to detect, analyze and respond to incidents of COVID-19 vaccine disinformation across online ecosystems and ultimately mitigate the impact of narratives which would otherwise undermine the public’s confidence in the safety of these processes in the United States.” 

    This Project led by Stanford University describes itself in terms that seem to be a near confession to conspiracy: note that “government agencies” are included in the “real-time information and exchange, then add the fact that many NGO’s and social media firms have financial ties to the US government, and mix in the First Amendment’s prohibition of restrictions on lawful speech. The result? Yet another sign of our rights being infringed by the COVID-19 regime. [This is the prime ugly truth; keep people ignorant and maintaining effectiveness of vaccine propaganda.] 

    Concerned citizens and conspiracies

    In their announcement of the project, Virality notes that “Anti-vaccine disinformation will pose significant challenges to the rollout and public adoption of COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. The anti-vaccine movement has well-developed online networks and expertise in leveraging social channels to spread its messages. These networked activism efforts have linked longtime anti-vaccine activists, health and wellness influencers, those who object to vaccination requirements as government overreach and politically-driven communities who have actively amplified COVID and other conspiracies. The movement is experienced, well-funded, and able to generate in-the-streets action. It has already begun to expend significant efforts to enter the mainstream conversation and erode confidence in COVID-19 vaccines.” [Eroding public confidence in the vaccines is absolutely necessary if lives are to be protected and saved.]

    Censorship by government entities

    Given that this project ended up censoring many facts that turned out to be true, this conflation of anything that does not fit with an official narrative with fringe conspiracists shows us how the slippery slope of censorship can work. The announcement continues, “The Partnership consists of analysts across six of the nation’s leading institutions focused on the analysis of mis- and disinformation in the social media landscape: the Stanford Internet Observatory, the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, New York University’s Center for Social Media and Politics and Tandon School of Engineering, Graphika, and the National Conference on Citizenship.” The key, the University of Washington is a public university; this is another factor pointing to unlawful government censorship. And VP partner Graphika is Pentagon-funded, according to news reports. (The more you know the more you understand the the public health establishment has been a total failure.)

    No worrisome jokes, questions, or complaints allowed

    On March 17, both the New York Post and Fox News published pieces about Virality. Per the Post:

    “Did you make any ‘worrisome jokes’ about the Biden administration’s proposal to send agents door-to-door to browbeat people to get COVID vaccines? Then you were a public enemy guilty of spreading dangerous disinformation. 

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