Watch: Americans Ready To Eat Bug-Based Foods To Fight Climate Change


    from InfoWars:

    A recent video posted by PragerU exposed the willingness of Americans to eat bug-based foods if the government says it will help save the planet.

    The PragerU reporter asked citizens if they’re aware the World Economic Forum and other groups are pushing for humans to eat bugs instead of animals and plants in a move they claim would help curb climate change.

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    Sadly, the majority of people were open to making the switch from plants, fruits and meat to a bug-based diet.

    A common opinion was the bug food will be more easily accepted if it tastes good and the bugs aren’t visibly seen in the product.

    Several individuals also expressed a willingness to eat the bugs if the government told them it would help the environment.

    After admitting they’d be okay with eat bug-based foods, the interviewees were presented with bread “made from crickets” to try it for themselves.

    All the people interviewed tried the “cricket bread” that was really just banana bread.

    It seems as if the public is ready to adopt the new bug diets soon to be forced upon them by the globalist control freaks.

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